Finally Will Beat the Netherlands Economy

Posted on January 12th, 2011 at 6:19 am by Farah Fitriani


Chief of National Committee for the Economy, Chairul Tanjung, said the volume of Indonesian economy by 2012 will surpass the Netherlands, its former colonizer.

“In 2012, Indonesia would be taking revenge over the Netherlands which in the past had colonized the nation for 350 years,” he said today, Jan 11.

The nation’s Growth Domestic Product in 2009 based on data from the World Bank shows that Indonesia is ranked 18 at US$540 billion of GDP. The Netherlands sits on 16th position at US$792 billion of GDP.

However, in 2010, the National Statistics Agency recorded that the Indonesia’s GDP has reached US$700 billion. The country last year was also ranked 16 as a nation with top economic volume.

Chairul believes that Indonesia’s GDP will grow more in the future in line with the economic growth. This assumption is based on the figure made by the Indonesia Monetary Fund about the increase in future Indonesia’s GDP which can earn an average of 12.8 percent.

Earlier, Standard Chartered Bank estimated that Indonesia will be listed economic giants together with China, the US, India and Brazil by 2030.

News Source: VIVAnews

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