Everyone Can Go To Europe!

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Among Indonesians, Europe is too famous. So many people dream of going to Europe, be it for backpacking, a study, watching Champions League final game, Paris self-photoshoot, and many more reasons or even no reason at all. And this guy is just straight random. Meet Erditya Arfah!

He has no artistic background, no singing, no dancing, no music, just no! He only has a dream of going to European countries to represent Indonesia. Yes, you heard it right, he represents, people! And that’s exactly what he was doing in the blue continent, especially in Poland. He toured schools playing angklung, performing wayang golek, saman dance and few other very Indonesian art forms. Despite his limited skills in doing those performances, his enthusiasm drew the crowd in. In a very short period he attracted many fans everywhere just like Justin Beiber, well again with limited singing skills.

Yet no one can escape his Indonesian Culture Virus. Not even a drunk old man on a subway.

Through this adventure, he learnt a lot about Europe, but a lot more about Indonesia. Through this adventure, the people of Europe learnt Indonesia in a very honest way. His passion has opened many new doors to international friendship and interests in Indonesia.

All of this exciting story is wrapped up in his first-newest book, Merah Putih di Benua Biru (The Red-White on the Blue Continent). Very descriptive and vivid you’ll feel like watching a movie. Be ready, you would want to represent Indonesia, too. And “Proud to be an Indonesian” attitude is all you need!

So, if you dream of going to Europe, wanna know how to get a travel sponsor, what it’s like backpacking in chilling weather, grab the book from your favorite bookstore this January 2011!

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