Indonesia’s 10 Most-Visited Sites

→  March 25, 2010 8

10.Komodo Island Komodo Island is located in West Nusa Tenggara, which is the eastern part of Indonesia. Animals recorded as the largest reptile, is named Komodo. This place is a good tourist location for travelers who want to feel the real thrill of living with the last remaining dinosaur. 9. Tangkuban Parahu Tangkuban Parahu’s one of the mountains [...]

Huge Garuda Captured By Google Earth

→  March 25, 2010 5

This huge building is called Graha Garuda Tiara Indonesia (GGTI), located in Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java. GGTI was built in July 1995 and was initially planned to be used as an athlete dorm for XIX SEA Games in October 1997. Garuda Tiara complex consists of homestead A, B, C, D, and E, which are part of the wings [...]

Indonesia’s Mega Construction Projects

→  March 25, 2010 8

1. Theme Park Trans Studio World Makassar It is the largest Indoor Theme Park in the World. Having more than 20 game sites and various facilities such as the Mall, Restaurant, Hotel, and Marina. Half of the building was half-completed in 2009 and in 2010, they’ll continue the expansion of the main building. Trans Studio Theme [...]

Indonesia’s Very Own Hybrid Car(s)

→  March 25, 2010 8

By Angka Mustafa (Thanks for sharing, bro!) The Indonesian Institute of Sciences debuted the first Indonesian-built gas-electric hybrid car, which it claimed uses significantly less gasoline than other green automobiles. The car’s engine was developed by Bandung-based Mekatronic and Electric Power Research Center (Telimek), a division of the institute, which is also known as LIPI. It is said [...]

The Forgotten Hero Of Woman Emancipation

→  March 24, 2010 7

Talk about a great woman, there is a little story about the other female figures of different generations of RA Kartini. Women for whom there is no song of praise. A Hero who rarely mentioned his name. A Hero who never referred to its history. The first female admiral in the world. Front-line fighter. Inong [...]

Linking Indonesia – Cambodia

→  March 24, 2010 3

Geographically, Cambodia is nowhere close to Indonesia major cities, and economic/tourism activities between both countries had been quite low. However, Indonesia is undoubtledly significant friend of Cambodia, Indonesia was the most influental player in bring peace to Cambodia following the fall of brual Khmer Rouge regime. Indonesia also deployed thousands peacekeeper army to Cambodian jungles [...]

World’s Most Stunning Lake

→  March 23, 2010 4

I was at a train station in Surabaya, when a Canadian man came over and asked me something not usual, about what is the best lake in Indonesia? It took some time for me to give him the good answer, but finally I recalled one name… Kelimutu Lake on top of Mount Kelimutu in the [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 9: E-handcraft)

→  March 22, 2010 3

I have been to Temanggung, a town located at the slope of a mountain, which has all-time cozy weather. It is the very spot where good tobaccos are produced. Despite my countless visit to this town, I only found out minutes ago that in this small sleepy town, one man (with his staff of course) [...]

The Beatles “Greatest Dad”

→  March 22, 2010 4

By Samarthya Priyahita (Thanks!!) “The Tielman Brothers were the first Dutch-Indonesian band that successfully went international in the 1950s.” (Wikipedia) They were gifted and were given lots of supports from Dutch people in Netherlands. They were known most in Europe than in Indonesia, because of their existence in performing more active in Europe and had gone famous [...]

Free GNFI Merchandise For You!

→  March 19, 2010 16

Good News From Indonesia is turning 1 this month! And we’re celebrating it by having our very first giveaway! Show us how much you love and are proud of Indonesia through a photo, and send it to [email protected] with the subject GNFI Photo Contest. So, take a picture of yourself and show us the love! You may [...]