Indonesia’s Nuclear Power Plants Project

Posted on March 9th, 2010 at 1:35 pm by Arroisi


Governor of the Province of Bangka Belitung (Babel), Eko Maulana Ali, assessing, building Nuclear Power Plant (nuclear plant) is feasible and strategic in that province.

“Development of nuclear power plants is quite feasible and strategic in this province to overcome the problem of electricity crisis,” he said in Pangkalpinang.

According to him, as the province of Bangka archipelago is geographically located in the middle it is possible to build nuclear power plants.

Certainly the construction of nuclear power plants are not short-term plans, but it is a long term process and requires in-depth study.

The construction of nuclear power plants are already using high and sophisticated technology, so it must go through scientific studies.

Before the construction, (the government)  would have to review the various aspects so that the plants do not harm the area and the community.

Development of nuclear power plants is not impossible given the supply of coal and oil will run out.

The government has provided two sites for the construction of nuclear power in South Bangka Island, Lepar and Nanduk Island.

The two islands’ area of 2407 hectares  are strategic enough as the nuclear power plants location since the two island are uninhabited.

According to him, the construction of nuclear power plants will help supply electricity Java-Sumatra and he believes the community supports the development of nuclear power plants in Bangka.

Meanwhile, former president BJ Habibie, the third president of  RI who had come to Bangka recently also considered that province of the archipelago fit into nuclear power plant construction site.

“After I heard Bangka Belitung-free areas of the earthquake, however, the establishment of nuclear power plants must go through a more in-depth research,” said BJ Habibie.

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