Pandji Pragiwaksono: We Have To Start Believing

→  March 2, 2010 5

Pandji Pragiwaksono is currently enjoying popularity by hosting many TV programs broadcasted by some Indonesian TV stations. He is a very good and popular singer too (Please release more album, bro! And everybody, please support him!). On TV, he has never failed to make the audiences follow all his programs enthusiastically. He is young, energetic, [...]

Launched From Above

→  March 1, 2010 7

I am sure, the title of this entry makes you puzzled, well..i deliberately wanna attract your attention, coz it’s a very important thing to read . It’s about Air Launch System (ALS). As posted earlier, Indonesia will have spaceport (few countries have it), and it will be developed and maintained by Indonesia and Russia. [...]