The Forgotten Hero Of Woman Emancipation

Posted on March 24th, 2010 at 5:41 pm by Arroisi


Talk about a great woman, there is a little story about the other female figures of different generations of RA Kartini. Women for whom there is no song of praise. A Hero who rarely mentioned his name. A Hero who never referred to its history. The first female admiral in the world. Front-line fighter. Inong Balee paramilitary leader who respected by enemies and friends. She is Admiral Malahayati.

At the time the soldiers formed army consisted of the widows who became known as the troops Inong Balee, Malahayati is Commander (Malahayati own husband was killed in the battle against the Portuguese). The legend, the formation of Inong Balee itself is of the mind Malahayati. Malahayati also built the fort with her troops and the fort was named Fort Inong Balee.

Malahayati military career has climbed the highest positions in the navy at that time the kingdom of Aceh. Like the leaders of that time, Admiral Malahayati fought on the front lines against the Portuguese and Dutch forces who want to control the Malacca Strait sea lane.

Under the leadership of Malahayati, Aceh Royal Navy with a fairly large fleet consisting of hundreds of warships. Is Cornelis de Houtman, the Dutch first arrived in Indonesia, on the second visit to try to shake up the power of Aceh in 1599. Cornelis de Houtman’s famous hair-trigger, this time to see his death. He tought he could instead undermine Aceh, but his troops was beaten by admiral Malahayati. Many his  peoples are captured and Cornelis de Houtman himself killed by Admiral Malahayati on September 11, 1599.

In addition to the Dutch fleet, Admiral Malahayati also managed to beat the Portuguese fleet. Malahayati reputation as a gate keeper had made the British empire who came into this area, chose to follow the path of peace. Good letter from Queen Elizabeth I, who was brought by James Lancaster to the Sultan of Aceh, paved the way for England to get to the post of Java and open trade in Banten.

When developed countries are boasting of gender equality issues, especially for developing countries today, the area of the archipelago has long been a hero of extraordinary gender. War Admiral’s first woman in the world.

Malahayati’s name currently scattered everywhere, as the name of roads, ports, hospitals, universities and of course  a war ship. KRI Malahayati, one of three Guided missile frigate MM-38 Exocet Fatahillah class. Even painting of her was enshrined in the submarine museum,  Surabaya. Even until now, for some reason not many peoples who know her name. “Who the hell Malahayati is?.

Keumalahayati or Malahayati’s name easily found in western literature as well as China. In Indonesia, she was not as popular as Cut Nyak Dien, but by western researchers, Malahayati aligned with Semiramis, the Empress of Babylonian King and Katherina II, Emperor of Russia.

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