Lion Air To Order Wide-Bodied Aircrafts

→  January 6, 2010 2

Indonesia’s largest privately-owned carrier Lion Air plans to place an order for widebodies and wants first deliveries in 2011. Lion plans to order 10-15 widebodies and is interested in Airbus A330-300s and Boeing 777-200ERs. The carrier wants first deliveries in 2011 and plans to use the aircraft in the day on busy domestic trunk routes and [...]

RI At A Crossroads: Which Way To Go In The Asian Century

→  January 6, 2010 1

RI at a crossroads: Which way to go in the Asian century Veeramalla Anjaiah, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta World After passing through an extraordinary year, 2009, as well as the first decade of the 21st century, Indonesia finds itself at a crossroads just ahead of both the new year and the century’s second decade. Throughout 2009, there has [...]

Train Me, Train you

→  January 5, 2010 1

Sometimes in 2007, I went to 6 countries only in 1 month, and of course the transportation mode was by air. When it comes to traveling by air, and it gets too often, you can imagine the boredom you need to bear. My friend in Jakarta has to fly every 2 weeks to Hong Kong, [...]

In Need For Direct Flights From Europe

→  January 4, 2010 0

My Londoner friend SMS-ed 2 days ago, when he was traveling to Tunisia. He read about Bunaken in North Sulawesi, and Wayag Islands in Papua and was so willing to visit those sites. He then asked me if there is direct flight from UK to both places, which unfortunately not. Well, about Papua, I am [...]

The Grandest And Largest Mosque In Southeast Asia

→  January 4, 2010 10

I bet, most of you still believe that Istiqlal Mosque of Jakarta is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Well, not anymore. Indonesia hosts the larger one, to make it the grandest and the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, and it is not anywhere in Java Island, it’s in Samarindah, the capital city of East [...]

You’re Never Too Old To Conquer

→  January 4, 2010 0

Ade Mardiyati You’re Never Too Old for Everest Hitting 50 can come as a shock to anyone. Retirement is often on the horizon, women are reaching menopause, bodies are aging and it can feel like life is somehow starting to wind down. Recently, a group of 10 Indonesians, nine men and one woman, aged mostly about 50 years [...]

Beyond The Island Of The Gods II

→  January 3, 2010 1

After adventuring the middle Indonesia, this time let’s take a look at the island of the far east of the archipelago. The island of the wild life, beautiful nature. Enjoy Papua! The cool highlands and mountains of Papua invite trekkers to explore largely untouched territories. Visit Dani honays or huts that are built close together in a [...]