Indonesia By Numbers

→  January 15, 2010 1

22 Estimated minimum number of hours it takes to hike the Rinjani Trek in Lombok, usually over four days 13,000 The age in years of the oldest stone tools found north of Medan, Sumatra 200,000 The average price per hour, in rupiah, for a boat charter in Mushroom Bay, Bali 5,700,000 Estimated annual motorcycle sales for Indonesia in 2009, down around six [...]

Oil For The Kangaroos

→  January 14, 2010 2

Pertamina’s Gas Station in Bogor Indonesia’s state oil company PT Pertamina is planning to expand its business operations abroad by building gas stations in Australia and other countries. Pertamina will acquire existing gas stations in Australia and Malaysia and run them under Pertamina’s trademark and style. It hopes to build some gas stations in Australia before the [...]

Only In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

→  January 14, 2010 5

Karim Raslan: Yogyakarta’s Biennale Jam In Yogyakarta, from the perspective of the arts, more is more. And with the recently concluded 10th Biennale: Jogja Jamming, the city once again revealed its central role in the nation’s creative imagination. Over the years, one of the biennale’s greatest strengths has been its rootedness. This is a biennale [...]

A Concreted Batik

→  January 13, 2010 5

Indonesia will celebrate its national art of batik with a pair of skyscrapers clad in material resembling the textile. The Sahid Perdana Twin Towers in Jakarta will reference the traditional form of art on its upper floors while still maintaining a truly modernistic feel. Designed by Urbane, the elliptical towers will rise from a podium with a pod-shaped [...]

A Thousand Miles Smiles

→  January 13, 2010 5

Sapu Angin II How far can your car go with only 1 liter of gas? 10-12 km? This prototype car made by students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember of Surabaya (ITS) is said to be able to reach 1000 km with only 1 liter of gasoline. This car, called Sapu Angin I (Windblow) will join the [...]

The Lost Atlantis Finally “Found”?

→  January 11, 2010 4

What do you know about Atlantis? I asked my colleague today, and he said…”Oh, it must be derived from Atlantic Ocean”..Well, partly true. Then I asked my other friends, various answers..some replied that it is a Walt Disney movie, some said lost continent, and some said it’s a legend made by Shakespeare (Dudes, it was Plato [...]

[GNFI Weekend Edition] The Easternmost Point Of Indonesia

→  January 9, 2010 3

Merauke is called Deer Town; lies in the east part of Indonesia, in the Province of Papua, bordered on Papua New Guinea (PNG). This is the city in the easternmost point of Indonesia. I have never been there, but I have been to Papua’s capital, Jayapura, which also shares a border with PNG. This regency [...]

[GNFI Weekend Edition] The Westernmost Tip Of Indonesia

→  January 8, 2010 0

One of my most memorable trips was going to the westernmost point of Indonesia Archipelago, which is Sabang, part of Aceh province, sometime in 2007. I really miss every single moment I had there; the beach, the people, the experience, the undersea coral, the food, the night, the dawn, the sunset… everything. Tourists overlook this [...]

Indonesia’s Newest Air Taxi

→  January 8, 2010 2

SKY Aviation is pleased to introduce their Bali, Lombok and Komodo Island Air Tours. They will fly you to popular locations around central Indonesia, in the safety and comfort of their modern, advanced aircraft! See world famous sights like the Rinjani Volcano (active), the Gili Islands, Mount Rinjani (Segara Anak Lake), Moyo Island, Mount Tambora [...]

Highest-Speed Train

→  January 7, 2010 9

Few weeks ago, GNFI posted about the first ever Hydrogen High-Speed Train. Well, I just figured out in Google, that the speed of it can surpass the speed of Japan’s bullet train Shinkansen, and European speed train AGV. The $3 billion project will commence sometimes in 2011, and the train will connect Jakarta-Bandung-Cirebon, which is [...]