A New Giant Will Be Born

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What will happen if a tiger marries a lion? Each has its own special expertise, quality, and superiority. I am sure, the ”new family” will become very powerful. This is going to happen soon in Indonesia. An Indonesia’s internationally-famous Medco Energy, will merge with Indonesian state-owned oil company Pertamina to give birth to a young [...]

Investing In The Land Where The Sun Sets

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GNFI once posted an article about Indonesia’s state-owned constructor PT Wijaya Karya, Tbk (WiKa) which set up a concrete factories in Libya in 2008. In 2006-2007, Wika had also completed the establishment of similar factories in neighboring Aljazair, along with 63 bridges connecting areas in the east and south. Following those steps, another Indonesia’s state-owned constructor [...]

Indonesia May Be Outgrowing ASEAN

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Indonesia may be outgrowing ASEAN By Barry Wain for The Straits Times This week’s Indonesian election was more than a personal triumph for the winner, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Consolidation one of the most remarkable political transformation in history, the election was a victory for the entire nation, the fourth most populous on the planet. In the space [...]

Indonesia In The Rising Power Club

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Indonesia, an emerging market, is becoming one of the world’s top performers. Morgan Stanley recently suggested the country could be included among the likes of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which together make up the BRIC group of fast-growing economies in the developing world. And nobody really disagreed. Whether BRIC will become BRICI anytime soon is yet [...]

The Most Influential Person In Indonesia?

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The most influential person in Indonesia? As Indonesia dodges the global economic crisis bullet, Sri Mulyani, a woman educated in America, has become a star. By Peter Gelling – GlobalPost Published: June 25, 2009 15:13 ET -A +A Page 2 of 2 During an audit of the tax agency she found a dearth of income from the mining sector. [...]


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Indonesia’s economy may double in the next six years as the world’s biggest exporter of power- station coal and largest producer of palm oil taps surging demand from India and China.  China, India and Indonesia will generate $10 trillion of wealth for investors by 2015. Nicholas Cashmore, head of Indonesia research at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, [...]

Indonesia Wins… Again

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Indonesian students from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) won a Microsoft international computer software competition held in Cairo, Egypt. The students who joined Big Bang team brushed aside Brazilian team to seize the championship in mobile device category competed in the Imagine Cup 2009 competition. The Indonesian students brought their originally-created software that detects malaria patient, [...]

Indonesia For A Better World

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Sidney Morning Herald Tom Allard Herald Correspondent in Jakarta July 10, 2009 THE Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is expected to promote a more assertive foreign policy during his second term, leveraging the country’s status as an international standard bearer of democracy and moderate Islam. The retired general and moderate reformist is believed to have triumphed in Wednesday’s presidential [...]

The Time Is NOW

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Indonesia is re-emerging as one of the world’s hottest developing economies, a remarkable turnaround for a country that was once widely viewed as a basket case. Despite the global financial crisis, Indonesia’s economy is on track to grow nearly 4% this year, making it one of only a handful of major economies — including China and [...]

Candle In Any Given Darkness

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THE election is a triumph for Indonesia and for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. It is a development of strategic good fortune for Australia of epic proportions. If, as Paul Keating often argued, the rise of Suharto in the mid-1960s was the greatest beneficial strategic act for Australia in the post-war period, then the rise of SBY [...]