What will happen if a tiger marries a lion? Each has its own special expertise, quality, and superiority. I am sure, the ”new family” will become very powerful. This is going to happen soon in Indonesia. An Indonesia’s internationally-famous Medco Energy, will merge with Indonesian state-owned oil company Pertamina to give birth to a young giant! The new company is planned to compete head-to-head with existing giant like Petrobras (Brasil), Arabco (Saudi Arabia),  or CNOOC (China). Name of the new company is already inside the pocket, quite a good and elegant name –> INDO INC (Indonesia Incorporated).

This is likely to put Indo Inc in the world’s Top 10 oil company. (I hope)

Pertamina has been very good at maintaining retail business, while Medco Energy has been long known as an oil investors elsewhere in the world (US, Oman, Yaman, Cambodia, Libya, Tunisia, etc). Get yourself ready!