The Most Smiling Nation On The Planet

→  May 20, 2009 0

The Smiling Report 2009 shows that the trend continues downwards (source here). Mystery Shopping Providers around the world have participated in the Smiling Report 2009 which compiles customer service data from evaluations conducted across a spectrum of industries. The summary for 2008 includes answers to more than 2.5 million questions covering Smile, Greeting and Add-on sales [...]

Nihiwatu, One of the World’s Most Responsible Hotels

→  April 26, 2009 1

We’ve seen two of Indonesia’s hotels on the  list of the World’s Best New Hotels. Sure you’ll feel great staying at one of them. Now, what about staying at Nihiwatu in Sumba island, rated as one of the Most Responsible Hotels by Forbes Traveler; it will surely make you feel doubly great. This is the short [...]

Indonesian Blackberry

→  April 17, 2009 3

I am not sure, when i was somewhere in Garuda waiting lounge in Jakarta, i saw many people were busy with their blackberry, not only bizmen, but also students, and teenagers. Believe me, i never ever found this kinda 'atmosphere' anywhere on earth. In America, only 'important' people use Blackberry, in Indonesia, even a 14-year-old boys carry around this advanced gadget.

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