This Very Young Professor Is Indonesian

→  May 3, 2010 5

Indonesia has arguably very large and potential human resources; one of them even gets achievement as America’s youngest professor. Prof. Nelson Tansu, Ph.D. is a native Indonesian. Nelson Tansu is the second child of Iskandar Tansu and Lily Ow who are domiciled in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Nelson Tansu’s achievements have been recognized internationally. The man [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 1:Fashion)

→  April 30, 2010 6

Indonesia’s global brands for bag, shoes, and lifestyle items: Delia Von Rueti, Nilou, Sabbatha, and Bagteria. They are Indonesian brands which are currently known world wide as luxurious life style items. Delia von Rueti She is a handbag and jewelry designer, her collections use exotic materials like corals, reptile skins, sheep skin. All shows bold and excellent craftsmanship. She [...]


→  April 30, 2010 7

Tomorrow, 1st May 2010, is the day GNFI have been waiting for not so patiently. Why? Because starting tomorrow, Pandji Pragiwaksono’s latest e-book, ‘Nasional.IS.ME‘ can be downloaded for FREE at his website,! That’s right, FREE! Those who came to the launch of the e-book on 24th April 2010 at eX Plaza, Jakarta, were lucky to be able to [...]

Sheilaon7’s Duta Special Shoutout for GNFI!

→  April 27, 2010 7

Duta… the vocalist of Sheilaon7, a judge in Idola Cilik, an actor in the movie ‘Tak Biasa”, a father of 2 beautiful children, but most of all, he’s a proud Indonesian! And now, he has a few words to share with all good readers of GNFI! Thanks to Duta for the honor, best of luck to you [...]

We Have “Indonesia Unite”

→  April 22, 2010 2

A total of 14 singers and bands that represent the movement “Indonesia Unite” launched song and Ring Back Tone titled ‘Rindu Bersatu’. They are Regine Velasquez, ST12, The Changcuters, Ungu, Rio Febrian, Kangen Band, Sherina, Nidji, D’Masiv, Vierra, Grid, Alexa, Geisha and Azura. The launch of this song is part of the Indonesian program Unite: a [...]

After Darkness, Light Is born

→  April 21, 2010 2

Today, April 21st, you can find nationwide celebration of Woman Emancipation. Indonesians call it Hari Kartini. School children are normally asked to wear traditional attire today to school. This morning, a woman asked me to write about Kartini, and here we go… ____ Raden Ajeng Kartini is a hero in every sense of word. She heralded woman’s emancipation; she [...]

The Origin of Fokker

→  March 31, 2010 13

I refer to my converzation with someone who misspelled Fokker as Focker, and it led me to write this article. Fokker, a Ducth aircraft manufacturer, is undoubtedly one of world’s major aviation manufacturer besides Airbus, and Boeing, and it is one of the oldest one (been manufacturing aircraft since 1912. It has long lagging behind Boeing and Airbus [...]

Huge Garuda Captured By Google Earth

→  March 25, 2010 5

This huge building is called Graha Garuda Tiara Indonesia (GGTI), located in Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java. GGTI was built in July 1995 and was initially planned to be used as an athlete dorm for XIX SEA Games in October 1997. Garuda Tiara complex consists of homestead A, B, C, D, and E, which are part of the wings [...]

The Forgotten Hero Of Woman Emancipation

→  March 24, 2010 7

Talk about a great woman, there is a little story about the other female figures of different generations of RA Kartini. Women for whom there is no song of praise. A Hero who rarely mentioned his name. A Hero who never referred to its history. The first female admiral in the world. Front-line fighter. Inong [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 9: E-handcraft)

→  March 22, 2010 3

I have been to Temanggung, a town located at the slope of a mountain, which has all-time cozy weather. It is the very spot where good tobaccos are produced. Despite my countless visit to this town, I only found out minutes ago that in this small sleepy town, one man (with his staff of course) [...]

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