Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 7: Guitar)

→  June 3, 2010 3

When asked about what genre of music I love most, rock is my utmost choice. Jazz falls #2. First time I fall in love with jazz music was when I attended a supposed-to-be-rock-concert-but-turned-to-be-mixed concert in my hometown sometimes in the mid of 90’s.  There was a song titled COLIBRI, and I eventually found that it [...]

Redefining Education…in a Tree House

→  June 3, 2010 8

At some point or another every kid has dreamt of living in something like the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house; even fictional children like Bart Simpson. I think I could have settled for going to school there. And—fantastical as it seems—that’s exactly what the Green School in Bali feels like. A few weeks ago I wrote [...]

Indonesia’s Man of the Year 2010

→  June 1, 2010 3

Hatta Rajasa’s appointment as Indonesia’s top economics minister raised a few eyebrows in investment circles. His political skills are undoubted but his economic policy understanding may need brushing up. In today’s highly charged political climate, however, Hatta’s political skills put him in a unique position to take the economy forward. Loyal, dedicated, eloquent and effective. These [...]

Indonesian in Guiness Book of Record

→  May 27, 2010 4

Many Indonesian people are very intelligently potential but sometimes rarely acknowledged by international community. After the world recognized the intelligence of famous figures like Habibie (in Germany), Nelson Tansu (in USA), and Sri Mulyani (about to move to Washington DC), now the world community needs to rethink that Indonesia has many smart kids, including Brian.  Brian Dominic, [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 6: Bicycle)

→  May 24, 2010 4

I once had this bike. Polygon. I have been strongly aware that this brand is an Indonesian brand, and turns out to be true. Polygon was founded in 1989, in Indonesia. Polygon has worked hard to offer a range of bikes to suit the demands of individual riders. Looking through their online range we found a [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 5: Electronics)

→  May 19, 2010 8

I have been using POLYTRON electronic equipments since the 90’s, and to me, its quality is above Japanese, Korean brands. The power of POLYTRON is on its sound quality. I have been wondering, this brand is so good, who made it? Well, only few months ago, I got the confirmation from a very reliable source [...]

Extended : Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 4: Tiles)

→  May 14, 2010 5

This is the 4th part of Indonesia’s global brands series. This time, let’s talk about tiles. ESSENZA I was once in a building construction site in Singapore when I found that the contractor used Essenza tiles for the flooring. Only this morning I found out that Essenza is purely Indonesian product, and have been exported to the [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 3: Tires)

→  May 10, 2010 11

Have you checked your car/motorbike tires this morning before leaving home this morning? Well, have you ever noticed the brand of your tires? They’re probably GT tires. GT stands for Gajah Tunggal, one of  Indonesia’s global brands. Gajah Tunggal (GT) is the largest integrated tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia and produces and markets a full range [...]

One Of Indonesia’s Finest Sons

→  May 4, 2010 1

Hadi Soesastro, 1945-2010 Many, many people throughout Asia and the Pacific will be saddened to learn that Dr Hadi Soesastro died at 5am Jakarta time this morning (4 May 2010). Last Friday was his 65th birthday. Hadi was the inspiration of much that is good in Indonesia’s policies towards her neighbours in the region and in [...]

This Very Young Professor Is Indonesian

→  May 3, 2010 5

Indonesia has arguably very large and potential human resources; one of them even gets achievement as America’s youngest professor. Prof. Nelson Tansu, Ph.D. is a native Indonesian. Nelson Tansu is the second child of Iskandar Tansu and Lily Ow who are domiciled in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Nelson Tansu’s achievements have been recognized internationally. The man [...]

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