[UPDATED: Pics, Latest Conditions] Donations For Jogja Merapi Victims

Posted on October 30th, 2010 at 11:08 pm by Ian


Guys, we’ve read the stories about what happened in Jogja. Houses burnt down, villages destroyed, cattle died, victims fell, city covered by volcanic ash.  And Merapi does not seem to have stopped erupting just yet.

Photos (1-8): A van wracked by hot clouds, The standing still masjid, A cow died from burning, Volunteers evacuate Merapi victims, Volcanic ash up to 1.5 cm thick, Leaves holding volcanic ash, University of Gadjah Mada covered by volcanic ashes, Jogja city is grey from volcanic materials rain.

Now, it’s time to wipe the tears and start the actions.

Our local team in Jogja is surveying the disaster areas to determine the help needed. We sincerely invite you all to help with this efforts. For those of you who stay local, you might join them. We also welcome monetary donations.

More than 80,000 of residents from the surrounding cities have been fled from their homes. Most of all their belongings were destroyed.

[Update 11/4/10] As badly as Merapi eruption victims need your help, our volunteers are facing rough conditions as well. We have lost two of very heroic men of our local team to the hot volcanic clouds and ashes. Even though we might have enough supplies of materials for the refugees, we might very well need help for our many volunteers. Few have not come back home, sleep and food deprived. They’re helping the victims, yet they might fall victims themselves if not taken care of properly.

GNFI local team emergency post is only 2.3 Km away from the newly expanded danger zone of 15 Km from 10Km since the biggest eruption on November 3, 2010.

[Update 11/5/10] Danger zone is now 20Kmfrom the crater. What’s also very dangerous is the volcanic rain resulted from the eruption. Refugees would breath dangerously contaminated air, and the water might not be safe to use either.

[Update 11/14/10] Things are getting better in some places. Electricity is on again in the danger zone areas. Water is less polluted, rivers are a bit clearer. Refugees are able to search their belongings in their left home in the morning and return to refugee camps in the evening. All kinds of donation are flowing to refugee camps. However, when peak emergency activities are slowing down, our volunteers start to feel the fatigue and need lots of rest. Recent photos are below.

[Update 12/10/2010] Jogja is now recovering, although there are still few follow-up events that need precaution like the cold mud flood. Donations and help keep flowing. GNFI emergency center is kept busy day and night with volunteers reporting who and where needs help.

Please continue your support in any form (donations, physical help, etc.) thru GNFI Jogja team. We truly hope our collective recovery efforts can bring the lively Jogja back to its never ending state.

You can forward your donations through GNFI to be distributed directly to the Jogja Merapi victims and volunteers by our very local team.

Here are few accounts where you can send your donations to:

For donations within Indonesia
Rekening bank BNI 0174 625 809
a/n Sri Nuryani Wahyuningrum (Nie’)
Cell phone:  0888 690 6265

For donations from outside Indonesia
Paypal account, email [email protected] (Ian)

To help us better allocate the funds, please make sure to send your confirmation of your donations by either SMS or email to the above cell phone number/email in this format:
GNFI Jogja Amount

We look forward to your kind hearts!

May God bless Indonesia and us all!

Reports: Akhyari Hananto (GNFI Jogja)
Photos: Detik (1-4), GNFI documentation – Nie’ (5-8), Nanda (Update 11/14/10)

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