Bondan & F2B: We Can Be GLORIOUS In ONE

Posted on August 23rd, 2010 at 1:05 pm by Akhyari


I was stunned by the video clip of a young people in a group called themselves Bondan & Fade 2 Black, singing a song titled U.N.I.T.Y attractively. I am no longer young, but seeing them in that video clips , or live on TVs really brought back my beautiful memories of my younger era. It is young people like them who will move up Indonesia and its people to a higher stage globally, and this nation will need more people like them to generate more powers towards national pride and prosperity.

GNFI had the honor to interview them just few minutes ago,  and their response made me even more proud of them, and Indonesian young generation as a whole.

Here’s our chats:

GNFI: Hi, there… Bondan & F2B. Did you realize that you have sent huge shockwave to young people in Indonesia trough your songs?

B&F2B: At first we didn’t expect that it would give a huge impact. We just proceed with our vision and mission in music which is Keep It Real and be Positive.

GNFI: What or who inspired you to write those songs?

B&F2B: We consider ourself as a messenger. Sharing our positive experience to others by songs and lyrics. We put our lyrics in every songs we made as 80% REAL (things that already happened in our life or things that we dreamed to happen) and 20% IMAGINATION.

GNFI: I like all of your songs. I am particularly impressed by the song titled U.N.I.T.Y. Tell me about what the song tries to tell us.

B&F2B: The song tells us that in life, its normal that things are made in variety and differences, but it doesn’t mean that we’re different. UNiTy tells us how we can be fun in ONE, how we can be glorious in ONE, be sophisticated in ONE and VERY POWERFUL as ONE.

GNFI: I know you have been going to many places in Indonesia. Tell me about your favorite place, and why?

B&F2B: BONE, South Sulawesi. Why? Because it’s a long journey to get there but it was an awesome ride. From the Sultan Hassanudin airport, Makassar, it took us 5-6 hours to get there by land. During the journey, we went in and out of cages, hills, jungle. Great view and sightseeing a long the way. Whoot a ride!!!

GNFI: What do you see about Indonesia today?

B&F2B: It is a really busy and modern (nation) now. The technology and economy is growing so fast. Indonesia will need to keep up with it though.

GNFI: Are you confident that Indonesia will be economically big and influental in the future? How many years will it take to make it so?

B&F2B: YES, I’m sure we can. 15-20 years from now. =P

GNFI: What about Indonesia you like most?

B&F2B: Food, cultures, peoples, and women.

GNFI: Now back to music. Do you think that government’s support to music industry is adequate? Why?

B&F2B: Nope. PIRACY IS STILL EVERYWHERE. I don’t see sufficient MOVE government made to support our music industry. Even we can see the president’s music album in the pirated booth along the streets =P

GNFI: Any plan to go international with your music?

B&F2B: Of Course. But haven’t yet know when. Though, we are trying… maybe GNFI can help??

GNFI: Do you have anything to say to GNFI readers and Indonesian young people?

B&F2B: I Believe that Indonesia is the MOST incredible, rich, and beautiful country in the region (at least). We can be BIG and influence other countries. Singapore & Malaysia won’t be like they are now without us. What do they have? We helped them getting money trough various way… DAMMNN!! Let’s love our own culture and products… let’s minimize traveling out of country, instead… go for domestic tours.

Thanks GNFI for helping the world to SEE INDONESIA in the positive perspectives.


Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black

Bondan & Fade 2 Black has also committed to preserving Keroncong music, which is a noble commitment. Let’s support them.

By Akhyari Hananto, the founder of Good News From Indonesia Network Community.

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