The Finnish Battlelore

→  February 16, 2010 4

I was surprised to received an email this morning from GNFI reader, he/she’d like me to post something about a metal band from Finland, named Battlelore. Few who know this band, as it is from somewhere in the far north, and iIam not sure if they’ve released their album internationally. What is so special about Battlelore? [...]

The Rise of THE TEN

→  February 12, 2010 2

The economic crisis of 2008-09 appears to be over, but along the way it has transformed the shape and dynamics of the global economy. This unexpected and dramatic development has not been due to the vigour of the Chinese economy or the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies as a whole, but the emergence of a [...]

Indonesia’s Signature Product

→  February 12, 2010 1

By Karim Raslan Over the past few weeks, as Indonesians have bemoaned the state of their own industries that are seemingly crumbling in the face of China’s export machine, I’ve been on quest to write about uniquely Indonesian products. It has taken me from Bandung and Dendy Darman’s hyper-cool UNKL347 clothes line to Tumanggong and Pak [...]

Singapore Should Thank Indonesia

→  February 12, 2010 15

Singapore, a tiny nation to which I always give my appreciation, is arguably the hottest spot for visitors in Southeast Asia. I have been to Singapore for more than 30 times, and each visit gave me new story about this island. No wonder, this compact nation remains receiving many millions of visitors per year. In 2009, [...]

On Track to Lead Asia

→  February 11, 2010 7

After China and India, Indonesia is the fastest growing economy among the G20 By Alvin Darlanika Soedarjo  Indonesia’s economy, Southeast Asia’s biggest, grew 4.5 percent last year and is on track to lead the region’s recovery from the global economic crisis, officials said Wednesday. Resilient domestic demand, stimulus spending and political stability helped the mainly Muslim nation [...]

Indonesia’s Growth: Don’t Drop The Ball

→  February 11, 2010 0

Don’t Drop the Ball On Indonesia’s Economic Growth   Indonesia’s economy continues to gain traction despite the ongoing political storm swirling around the Bank Century bailout. That the economy grew by 4.5 percent last year, higher than earlier anticipated, is indeed something to cheer about, but we must be careful not to squander this growth. Better-than-expected exports [...]

Czechs, Meet Angklung And Gamelan

→  February 10, 2010 6

We have heard them, seen them, even played or performed with them, but now it’s time for the world learn and appreciate these wonderful musical instrument that we grew up with. Angklung and gamelan, both originating from Indonesian culture, is now being showcased to the world in Parbudice Museum in Republic of Chech from 4th of [...]

Australian’s Most Favourite Destination

→  February 10, 2010 1

Indonesia was the third most popular destination for holidaying Australians during 2009, according to newly released information from the country’s statistical agency. The number of Australians traveling abroad last year skyrocketed, with 6.3 million leaving for short-term breaks, with New Zealand, the USA and Indonesia making up the top three destinations, data from the Australian [...]

World Class Honors In Chile

→  February 9, 2010 3

Wayan Wicaya Of Bulgari Bali Resort Wins Global Chef Title Arriving back in Bali on Tuesday, February 2, 2010, after the long series of flights from Chile, I Wayan Wicaya received an enthusiastic welcome due a returning hero from friends, family and colleagues at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. Too precious to be entrusted to his [...]

INDONESIA, The Rock Band

→  February 7, 2010 12

At first glance, you would have thought the band was form by a bunch of proud Indonesian boys who wanted to show off their love for their nation. Think again. The INDONESIA band is actually formed by four Russian guys: Coal (vocal, guitar), Santa (bass), Demian (guitar, soundscapes) and Charlie (drums, percussion). Myspace described them as, Indonesia – band [...]