Hydrokinetic Energy From The Lombok Strait

→  February 6, 2010 4

As a country that has tens of thousands of islands, Indonesia has the energy derived from waves and ocean currents are large. One that can be developed is the utilization of the kinetic force of ocean currents in the strait. An area that has great potential for generating electricity hydrokinetic the Sunda Strait, the Strait [...]

Indonesia’s Giant Military Force In 1960

→  February 5, 2010 12

The 1960s, President Sukarno Era. Indonesia’s military strength is one of the main, the largest, and strongest in the world. At that time, even the Dutch forces were not comparable to Indonesia, and the United States was very concerned with the development of our military forces that was heavily supported by the latest technology of the [...]

The Champion With His Newly-Released Album

→  February 5, 2010 4

His name might not be familiar to all, but 36-year-old Sandhy Sondoro has made remarkable achievements in music, putting Indonesia on the international stage by winning New Wave 2009, a contest for young pop singers. Music has been part of Sandhy Sondoro’s life since he was a little boy. His mother was in band made up [...]

Who Circumnavigated The Earth First?

→  February 5, 2010 3

At school we were taught that the first man to circumnavigate the earth was Ferdinand Magellan (Fernao Magallhaes in Portuguese, Fernando de Magallanes in Spanish) in 1521. Being killed in Mactan, the Philippines on April 27, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan did not complete the “circumnavigation of the earth”. His farthest previous journey to the eastern part [...]

Lion Air And The DreamLiner

→  February 5, 2010 1

I was asked by a Canadian who was visiting Surabaya 2 weeks ago, about the biggest airline in Indonesia. Apparently, he was a big fan of airline industry. It is not so easy to define the biggest. Garuda has the biggest assets and management, and capital too; but in terms of number of passengers, Lion [...]

Yes, It Is Durian, and It’s Red.

→  February 4, 2010 20

Red DURIAN?, Yes, it is different from the ‘normal’ durian we usually eat. However it has things in common, prickly skin and the odor is very distinctive and stinging. Eating durian is not intoxicating as it has relatively low alcohol content. Red Durian (Durio graveolens) is a wild durians found in the forest at banks of Mahakam [...]

Tale Of Two Malays

→  February 4, 2010 3

By Karim Raslan From the viewpoint of race, Indonesia is a liberating, even intoxicating place, especially for Malaysians like me who’ve been conditioned to view people in cultural and religious “silos” — Malay, Chinese and Indian. The Indonesian approach to race is infinitely more fluid. Distinctions are relatively unimportant. These contrasting ways of perceiving the world lie [...]

Ketchup or ‘Kecap’?

→  February 3, 2010 3

Americans slather it on hamburgers, hotdogs, eggs and whatever it is that they can get their hands on, oblivious to its importance in our lives. Nearly everyne like ketchup, even if what they like to put it on seems weird, Nixon covered his cottage cheese with it, the Japanese eat it on rice and one [...]

An Asian Hub

→  February 3, 2010 0

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba has chosen Indonesia as the company’s regional production hub for liquid crystal display (LCD) television sets and has relocated its Vietnamese factory to Indonesia. ndonesia will be the only production base for Toshiba LCD TV in Asia and Oceania. Toshiba’s company’s factory in Vietnam had been relocated to Indonesia to strengthen the [...]

Pictures Of “Most Remarkable Places On Earth” Displayed

→  February 3, 2010 6

For those of us who couldn’t make it to the British capital, Conservation International shared some of the images from the exhibit, shown here. The places they represent are indeed remarkable. On the Look Out: The peacock mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus), pictured above, is believed to have the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom. Each [...]