11 Most Romantic Places In Indonesia

→  February 21, 2010 19

Indonesia’s natural beauty is no doubt, one of world’s best. We have selected 11 most romantic sites in Indonesia for you guys to explore. 1.Bintan Island, Riau Bintan Island is located in Riau Islands province, the atmosphere on this island is so enchanting . Sparkling white sand, blue water, and trees are the combination that makes this island [...]

Nim’s Indonesian Adventure

→  February 19, 2010 15

Have you seen Nim’s Island, an American film directed by Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin? The film stars Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster, and Gerard Butler. I just did so myself yesterday and there were something that caught my eyes and made me smile. There was this part when Alexandra Rover, played by Jodie Foster is [...]

A Staggering Largest Monument

→  February 19, 2010 1

Asia possesses a staggering historical collection of architectural wonders that rivals its European counterparts in many ways. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is one such edifice, a religious complex as monumental as the monuments of Imperial Rome. Less known is the Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia known as Borobudur, an assemblage of 2,672 relief panels and [...]

Telkom Indonesia And The Undersea Cables

→  February 19, 2010 1

PT Telkom Indonesia Int’l (TII) increases international bandwith by joining the sea cable development  connecting Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Hongkong, Japan, and then linked to the US and Latin America. The cooperation agreement was agreed in Honolulu, United States. TII addition, some operators join the world in such SJC Reliance Globalcom (via FLAG Pacific Limited Bermuda), Globe Telecom [...]

Indonesia’s #1 Comic Illustrator

→  February 18, 2010 6

American comics capture the world market successfully. Superhero names of the characters are known by various age levels. To that Indonesia should be proud because one of the illustrators is one of the nation’s talent. Who is he? He is  Cristiawan Lie. Who does not know the character of the robot in the Transformers movie? In early [...]

The Easiest Language To Learn

→  February 18, 2010 8

Mark, my Oz friend, came to my hometown of Yogyakarta, Indonesia sometimes in April 2007, and wanted to learn Indonesian Language. He allocated 6-7 months to learn and speak fluently. I was surprised that he could eventually speak Indonesian language fluently only in 2.5 months. When I asked him, he simply said “Bahasa Indonesia adalah [...]

Avatar’s Flying Dragon Is From Indonesia?

→  February 17, 2010 45

Have you watched Avatar movie? One thing that amazes me is how James Cameroon displayed his imagination, especially of the plants and animals. One of the best displayed was the flying dragon, the blue and the colorful one, the Toruk Makto. It was just yesterday when we believe that a real dragon lives in Indonesia, it [...]

Affordable luxury

→  February 17, 2010 2

Measuring up Indonesia’s many airport executive lounges, waiting around in luxury. One of things I like about Indonesian airports is that executive lounges are in general much less exclusive and cheaper to visit. Where visiting the executive lounge overseas can cost hundreds of dollars in an annual membership, in Indonesia all you need is the correct [...]

Real Dragons Live In Indonesia

→  February 16, 2010 5

I met this ‘creature’ many times in my childhood, even until now, I can still find it in my hometown in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I never realized that it attracts scientists’ attention so much. This animal flies from trees to trees and climbs up at it with incredible speed. I am not sure of the scientific name [...]

Indonesian Researchers Developing Bio-Nanocomposite From Cellulose

→  February 16, 2010 1

Indonesia, blessed with abundant natural resources, is on its way creating new materials that are natural and more environmentally friendly for eco-friendly applications including bio-automobile, organic electronics, and structural building materials. Utilizing cellulose nanofibers, researchers in Indonesia are developing bio-nanocomposite materials that are flexible, transparent, mechanically strong and thermally stable. This research is in collaboration with [...]