Avatar’s Flying Dragon Is From Indonesia?

Posted on February 17th, 2010 at 3:15 pm by Akhyari


Have you watched Avatar movie? One thing that amazes me is how James Cameroon displayed his imagination, especially of the plants and animals. One of the best displayed was the flying dragon, the blue and the colorful one, the Toruk Makto.

It was just yesterday when we believe that a real dragon lives in Indonesia, it came to my attention again. It really looks like flying dragons found in Indonesia, it really does. Maybe James Cameron’s idea was taken from this tiny dragon? Dunno…

A Reddit.com user by the name of Biophilia_curiosus posted a few photos that he took in Indonesia. They show an amazing species of gliding lizard which basically looks like a miniature dragon. Fans of the film Avatar will be reminded of the flying Toruks.

See below.

The crazy part is that those lines you see running through the wings like veins are actually its ribs! Evolution did a number on these guys. They can expand and contract their chests at will to glide great distances. We were only able to catch females as they were laying their eggs. All we could do is watch as the males soared overhead.

The photos were taken in Buton, Indonesia, in the Lambusango Forest reserve. As far as I can tell, nobody has identified the exact species of this lizard. Biology geeks who recognize this specimen, please let us know what it is in the comments below.

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