Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 12: Beauty Products)

Written by Akhyari Hananto Member at GNFI
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Indonesia is home to two cosmetic giants, the Mustika Ratu and Martha Tilaar, both have been dominating indonesian market for many years now. I was somewhere in middle east country when i found one brand made by either MR or MT (not really sure). In Philippines, Biokos Martha Tilaar is quite popular too.

Yes, their products have in world market for quite a while, specializing on herbal-based beauty products.


Martha Tilaar Group is one of Indonesia’s foremost purveyors of innovative, high-quality beauty products and services. With its wide-ranging stable of sub-brands under the Martha Tilaar umbrella brand, the group offers an impressive array of beauty and well-being choices for women of all ages and income groups. While many of its products and treatments feature the ancient wisdom of traditional Indonesian herbal ingredients (jamu) and other natural plant extracts, Martha Tilaar also produces a wide variety of up-to-the-minute color cosmetics and skincare, body care and hair care products for the modern woman.

From its humble beginnings as a beauty salon in the early 1970s, the company has grown into an integrated, world-class, total beauty provider with an annual turnover of around US$75 million monthly, which exports its products all over the world. The company’s key brands have won numerous prizes and consistently achieved the country’s highest ratings for brand awareness, reflecting Martha Tilaar’s strong focus on beauty products specifically designed for the Eastern woman. The group leads the domestic market for color cosmetics (decorative and make-up base) with an 18 to 10 percent share, and holds around 11 percent of the skincare market.

The group’s range of products consists of cosmetics and personal care (decorative products, make-up base, skincare, body care and hair care), jamu, and spa products. The main brands are: Sariayu, which is Indonesia’s oldest brand in this market, and which boasts the largest number of in-store counters (decorative products, make-up base, skincare, body care, hair care and jamu), Biokos (anti-aging skincare), Caring Colours (decorative, make-up base), Belia (splash colognes for teenagers), Berto Tea, Dewi Sri Spa (holistic spa products), Professional Artist Cosmetics (decorative and make-up base), Jamu Garden (jamu, skincare, body care, and health care), Mirabella (decorative), and Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetics (hair care) under license from the Rudy Hadisuwarno Organization.

Eastern Garden Spa, Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa and Dewi Sri Spa are internationally franchised chains of spa and beauty treatments based on the traditional Indonesian concept of Rupasampat Wahyabiantara, influenced by Chinese and Indian age-old health and beauty rituals. This approach perfectly captures the worldwide trend towards back-to-nature and Eastern cultures.

The group also owns and operates Puspita Martha beauty schools, Bali Sari spa training center and Cipta Busana Martha, which markets traditional Indonesian garments.

2. Mustika Ratu

PT Mustika Ratu Tbk is an Indonesian company that is engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of herbal-based and natural cosmetics, herbal drinks and other related activities. The Company also produces body care products for men, opens and franchises spa centers, and creates home spa products. The Company’s subsidiaries, which are engaged in the distribution, general trading and property management sectors, include PT Mustika Ratubuana International, PT Mustika Ratu (M) Sdn. Bhd., PT Mustika Ratu Properties (M) Sdn. Bhd. and PT Paras Cantik Kenanga. The Company operates a production facility in Ciracas, East Jakarta.

Mustika Ratu is a manufacture company, and the leader in the industry of herbal (Jamu) and natural-based cosmetics in Indonesia. The company is stressing on a perfect beauty base gained from the inner and outer by using its products, and steadily providing and marketing products for all ages, genders, and people social class.

Mustika Ratu has certified by internationally recognized ISO 9001 of 2000 version integrated with ISO 14001 of 2004 version, applied CPKB (a Good Cosmetic Production Method) , and CPOTB (a Good Tradional Herbal Production Method) in order that the production result can be accepted in local and foreign market, and has honored with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate from Department of Health of The Republic of Indonesia.
Established in 1975, the company has exported to about 24 countries, with Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Check Republic, Russia, and Papua New Guinea representing the most significant market.

Launching over 700 products, consisting of: Hair care, Facial care, Body Care, Basic Make Up, Decorative Make Up, Herbal Drinks, Beauty Supplements, and Spa products.

The Indonesian Superbrands Council also has awarded Superbrands Status for Mustika Ratu and Puteri products, and recently has awarded with Indonesian Best Brand Awards 2006, as the only Indonesian traditional herbs and cosmetics chosen as a reliable and avowal internationally.

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