Indonesia and South Korea are getting ready to sign an MoU on the joint-development of a KFX stealth fighter jet program (dubbed Boramae) later this year, following a letter of intent in March 2009 on Indonesian participation in a KFX study. When enacted, the MOU will provide a breakthrough for both countries in terms of bilateral defense collaboration and aircraft technology indigenization.

It is expected from the collaboration that five prototypes will be built before 2020. Approximately 200+ aircraft will be manufactured for both the Indonesian and Korean Air Force. Surely there is a sense of pride creeping into every Indonesian’s minds knowing that the biggest Muslim country in the world is going to carry on an indigenize a fighter jet program, furthermore, it’s a stealth type, debunking the myth that only technologically advanced countries can achieve this.

Indeed, the cooperation will not only allow Indonesia to access the so-called 4.5th generation fighter jet technology, but also help South Korea preserve the bloodline for an indigenous fighter jet program since they can only afford 60 percent of the necessitate fund.

In addition to that, the production will be based in Indonesia which will also creates jobs for thousands of people. For comparison, the Eurofighter project helps create 30,000 jobs across Europe.

Indonesia, is said to acquire 50-60 aircrafts, which will make the Indonesian Air Force look like giant!