World’s First Underground Dams In Indonesia

Posted on January 27th, 2010 at 1:25 pm by Arroisi


Hearing the word “Gunungkidul” then what comes to mind is the area of barren mountain. Each dry season, this area would be attacked by a long drought. Residents were forced to walk several miles to get clean water. But soon the image and the condition will slowly vanish.

The system’s first underground dam in the world will be operated continuously for 24 hours without energy costs. Appointment of water from underground streams using micro hydro system. Bribin II project is to improve water supply to the point I Bribin project pipeline has been built in 1984.

Bribin II project completion time is constrained due to a leak in the pipe connections and some underground water dams because of the high water pressure reached 20 bar. This high pressure is necessary to raise the water level of nearly 200 meters from the surface water sink beneath the ground to the main reservoir.

Bribin II project is one of the foundations for fulfilling the water needs of the people of Gunung Kidul that always suffers from drought in the dry season. There are a number of new technologies on offer, namely by utilizing the force of gravity.

The river water will ultimately flow into the lower places. Underground river that is at the lower end of the Cave Bribin width at not less than 7 meters.

Later, by using Earth’s gravity, the water will lead to a turbine in the dam, powering turbines to generate more electricity than a 240 kVA that will be interconnected to a pump, which pumps water to the surface.

Thus, it’s calculated no less than 200 liters of water per second can be generated without having to burden the cost of energy.

This program is established with the cooperation of:
Provincial Government of DIY, University of Karlsruhe, Batan and representatives of Ministry of Research and Technology Germany, and Department of Public Works, including a number of universities like the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Universitas Islam Indonesia, and Bandung Institute of Technology.

Credit: Kaskus forum

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