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Telkom Indonesia And The Undersea Cables

→  February 19, 2010 1

PT Telkom Indonesia Int’l (TII) increases international bandwith by joining the sea cable development  connecting Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Hongkong, Japan, and then linked to the US and Latin America. The cooperation agreement was agreed in Honolulu, United States. TII addition, some operators join the world in such SJC Reliance Globalcom (via FLAG Pacific Limited Bermuda), Globe Telecom [...]

Indonesian Researchers Developing Bio-Nanocomposite From Cellulose

→  February 16, 2010 1

Indonesia, blessed with abundant natural resources, is on its way creating new materials that are natural and more environmentally friendly for eco-friendly applications including bio-automobile, organic electronics, and structural building materials. Utilizing cellulose nanofibers, researchers in Indonesia are developing bio-nanocomposite materials that are flexible, transparent, mechanically strong and thermally stable. This research is in collaboration with [...]

Hydrokinetic Energy From The Lombok Strait

→  February 6, 2010 4

As a country that has tens of thousands of islands, Indonesia has the energy derived from waves and ocean currents are large. One that can be developed is the utilization of the kinetic force of ocean currents in the strait. An area that has great potential for generating electricity hydrokinetic the Sunda Strait, the Strait [...]

World’s First Underground Dams In Indonesia

→  January 27, 2010 4

Hearing the word “Gunungkidul” then what comes to mind is the area of barren mountain. Each dry season, this area would be attacked by a long drought. Residents were forced to walk several miles to get clean water. But soon the image and the condition will slowly vanish. The system’s first underground dam in the world [...]

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