World’s Longest Bridge Is A Step Closer To Reality

→  August 23, 2009 2

Indonesia’s plan to build the world’s longest suspension bridge to connect Java and Sumatra moved a step closer to completion when a study was presented to the central government. Completion of the “pre-feasibility” study for the planned 32-kilometer bridge, with an estimated price tag of $10.07 billion, came almost two years after it was commissioned. The [...]

Back On The Rise

→  August 23, 2009 0

While most Asian carriers are reducing capacity in the face of the downturn, Garuda Indonesia has been expanding and posting profits. Garuda made a net profit of 669 billion rupiah ($67 million) last year and for the first half of this year the numbers are higher. This profitability to the Indonesian economy which, unlike many other [...]

Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part V)

→  August 21, 2009 2

Bram Adimas W, Indonesian Student, Singapore Actually I do not expect many changes to take place between 2009 and 2020 as the duration is very short for major developments. But, who knows what might happen? Some of my visions about the country in 2020 are: -to achieve the Indonesia Sehat 2010 (Healthy Indonesia 2010) programme -to achieve the [...]

The First Green Factory In Asia

→  August 21, 2009 4

By Arya Lukito, Carbon Energy Expert, GNFI contributor, Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Reducing emission and going green. Denmark, Germany, Australia and some other developed countries have been implementing it and it even becomes part of their government program to support the economy. Well, this is not a new thing since the greenhouse gases and global warming issues [...]

GNFI’s Independence Day Message

→  August 18, 2009 0

It has been really tough days for me here; planning my trip back to Indonesia has never been this complicated and tight. I am currently at Changi Airport Terminal 1, waiting for Valuair to fly me back to my home town. It was a long line in the check-point counter, most of them were foreigners [...]

Marine Tourism: Kapoposang

→  August 17, 2009 6

Text and Photos by Cipto Aji Gunawan (Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine) Kapoposang is one of the largest of the Spermonde Islands, around 70 km northwest of Makassar, South Sulawesi. Kapoposang covers an area of around 50,000 hectares and is inhabited by around 100 families. Several other islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, lie near Kapoposang. The larger [...]

Largest Sea Fish Producers

→  August 17, 2009 0

Do you know how much sea fish in tons Indonesia catches annually? It is a lot! 64 million tons of sea fish is produced annually in Indonesia making it the fourth largest of the commodity in the world. In addition to sea fish, Indonesia also produces five million tons of freshwater fish annually. China remained the world`s largest fish [...]

64th Anniversary of Republic of Indonesia

→  August 16, 2009 5

The entire family of GNFI Network truly wishes that Indonesia becomes a multi-dimensionally better nation. We will always stand by its side and do our best to make it shine. Let’s unite, Indonesia!

A Nation Advancing Towards 2025

→  August 15, 2009 1

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Friday vowed to lay the foundations for a second wave of reform that would lead Indonesia toward becoming an advanced country by 2025.  Delivering his State of the Nation address to the House of Representatives, Yudhoyono outlined his plan for the nation’s future, including an overview of his next term [...]

Eye In The Sky

→  August 15, 2009 1

Indosat will soon launch latest satellite to orbit. The satellite, called Indosat Palapa D, will provide the technology to fulfill the high corporate demand for reliable broadcasting telecommunication technology for both technology applications and wide coverage. This satellite service involves rental of a specified bandwidth from the Palapa C2 satellite to companies in Indonesia. One of [...]