The Best Of Indonesia

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“Indonesia’s mix of resource, base, attractive demographics, vibrant culture and domestic demand potential have mostly gone unsung, not least by a government so focused on domestic issues and local politics. In short, Indonesia and the rest of the world could benefit much from knowing each other better.” –Philip Bowring (Bowring, 2007) “The Indonesians have a better [...]

Broken Myth: Mount Everest

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When my plane approached English Channel, I could clearly see the perfect snowflakes trough my seat window. I could not wait to have myself surrounded by snowy environment. But a friend who fetched me at the Heathrow airport said that the snow would only come in a month to come, so I had to wait [...]

New Sea Creature Found In Indonesia

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At under half an inch tall (13 millimeters), Satomi’s pygmy seahorse—named after dive guide Satomi Onishi—is a strong contender for the world’s smallest seahorse. With their tails stretched out straight, two Satomi’s pygmy seahorses would fit head-to-head across the face of a penny. These miniscule seahorses from Indonesian reefs have been seen giving birth to tiny [...]

Lion Air Takes Military Airports Under Wing

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Lion Air, Indonesia’s largest carrier in terms of passenger volume, plans to take over managing the Armed Forces’ airports, now run by the state-owned enterprises PT Angkasa Pura I and II, a Lion Air spokesman said on Monday. The takeover was authorized under the wide-ranging aviation reform law passed last year, which gave clearance for private [...]

More Images Of SHIA Terminal 3

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Above are the recent images of newly opened SHIA Terminal 3. Pics taken from here.