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“Indonesia’s mix of resource, base, attractive demographics, vibrant culture and domestic demand potential have mostly gone unsung, not least by a government so focused on domestic issues and local politics. In short, Indonesia and the rest of the world could benefit much from knowing each other better.” –Philip Bowring (Bowring, 2007)

“The Indonesians have a better way of expressing this nuanced sense of oneness among Asians: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – ‘Unity in Diversity’, a vision of unity based on shared and inclusive humanistic ideals, not imposed by political coercion.” –Surin Pitsuwan, Sekjen ASEAN (The Economist, 2007).

I think, it has been quite sometimes world medias have praised Indonesia as one of the emerging power in the world. Discussion, conference, deep report, seminars, or official publication have put Indonesia in a respected place, together with other emerging powers like Brazil and Turkey.

We should not remember the fact that :
  • Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world, with 83% of the population are Muslim, or amounted to 200 million, which nearly the same combined population of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt. This can be our biggest bargaining power.
  • The fact that Indonesia has successfully carried out a massive democratic process has extended the good news worldwide, with a dazzling headline ”Islam and Democracy can work together”.
  • With a population of 239 million of consumers (market and labor), with the same language, same currency, under the same judiciary system, and can move freely within the country of 2 million km per square, this is a great benefit for us. Imagine, European Union took tens of years and tried very hard to make it under same condition (same currency, same legal system, and free mobility), but still…with different language.
  • After the fall of Sovyet, the Pan-asian spirit increased amazingly amid growing strength of China and India. It is inevitably that Indonesia, as the third largest population in Asia, is now under every radars.
  • We cannot deny the fact that Indonesia, is among the Top 3 in Asia which has positive growth in 2009, and one of the most stable in politics. Walter Rodriguez said that it is only a matter of time that Indonesia will be the roaring tiger in Asia.

It is our duty as Indonesians, to keep up the spirit and commitment, to make a full-use of those benefit, and create a better and livelier Indonesia.

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