Aircrafts Made In Indonesia, How Are You?

→  May 25, 2009 1

If it could answer, it would say ”I am good, and getting bigger”. Why is that? Indonesia just received an order from Qatar Airforce for PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI)’s CN-235 not so long ago. As posted in GNFI many months back, CN 235’s active clients are Philippine, Korea, UAE, Malaysia, and now Qatar. Not only that. [...]

The First Sukhoi Superjet In Southeast Asia

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Did you know that Russia has successfully developed its very own passenger jet (middle range)? I bet you did. It’s been world widely informed that engineers from Italy, France, and Russia have designed, developed, and assembled the first Russian passenger jet. The name is The  Sukhoi Superjet 100. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a modern, fly-by-wire regional jet in [...]

The Condor Has Come: Garuda’s Brand New Airbus 330-200

→  May 25, 2009 1

Written by Jannatul Firdaus, an aviation student (GNFI contributor in Indonesia) Today 20th of may 2009, Garuda Indonesia received its first brand new Airbus 330-200 HGW (High Gross Weight) series of 4 aircrafts in their order. Those aircrafts are projected to serve Jakarta-Denpasar-Tokyo route starting from 2nd of June this year [...]

The Time For Indonesia Is NOW!

→  May 21, 2009 1

Susilo rides the momentum By Karim Raslan ASEAN can expect a far more assertive Indonesia given the Democrats’ success in last month’s Legislative polls. LAST Friday in Bandung, capital of West Java, incumbent President and Democrat party leader Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) amazed the assembled crowd with a rare display of bravado during a ceremony marking the declaration [...]

New Kid On The Block: J.Co

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It was only in 2007, when I was in Jakarta. My wife forced me to take her and my daughter to a J.Co counter. I did not really know what was, until she said, ”It’s a donuts stall”. I was not really interested in donuts, it only made my stomach aches after swallowing 2 [...]

Australian Tourists To Bali Up 14 Pct

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Denpasar, May 17, 2009 – The number of Australian tourists visiting Bali in the first quarter of 2009 rose 24.85 percent to 71,970 from 57,647 in the same period last year. ANTARA News reported. “The Australian tourists accounted for 14.67 percent of the total tourists coming to the Island of Paradise in the first quarter which [...]

Overproduction, Pertamina To Export Airplane Fuel In June

→  May 20, 2009 1

When Indonesia finally quit from OPEC last year, I straightly thought that Indonesia would no longer be fuel exporter, as the reason behind the withdrawal was simply because Indonesia produces less than 1 million barrel a day. Then I managed to think further, that actually, OPEC is just a bunch of greedy nations that tries [...]

The Most Smiling Nation On The Planet

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The Smiling Report 2009 shows that the trend continues downwards (source here). Mystery Shopping Providers around the world have participated in the Smiling Report 2009 which compiles customer service data from evaluations conducted across a spectrum of industries. The summary for 2008 includes answers to more than 2.5 million questions covering Smile, Greeting and Add-on sales [...]

Yahoo! Likes Indonesian Programmers

→  May 17, 2009 0

Yahoo! praised the quality of applications developed by Indonesian programmers in the Yahoo! Mobile Developer Award (YMDA) 2009. Not only that, the interest shown by Indonesian developers toward this competition is higher compared to the one held in Singapore. For this reasons Yahoo, through Turochas Fuad (Head of Yahoo! Mobile), plans to hold this event [...]

Indonesia To Lead UN Force In Somalia

→  May 16, 2009 2

Indonesia is willing to lead peace keeping force in Somalia after receiving request from the United Nations, Indonesian military spokesman Sargom Tambun said here Thursday.The spokesman said that currently the Indonesian force was inventorying its top officers to be selected for the position. “There has been a request from the forces which are now on duty [...]