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World’s Best New Hotels 2009

→  April 22, 2009 0

Indonesia, has long been known to be the host for best hotel on planet earth. Once I watched a television program in the UK that mentioned Amankilla hotel in Bali was included in 10th world’s best hotel. Forbes Traveler has picked 50 new best hotels worldwide, with this stunning result: - France is home to four of [...]

Yes, We Are Confident!

→  April 22, 2009 1

When a country receives more international flights, it will only means 4 things : 1. It symbolizes the growth of economy in that country 2. It gains more international confidence toward that country 3. It means the tourism industry is growing 4. It also means that the countrymen travel overseas more. I’ve been posting many times regarding many international airlines [...]

Crisis-proof Nation

→  April 21, 2009 0

Not only only have I been asked by readers, as well as friends, on how Indonesia’s position is in this global economic turmoil. I answered to that question swiftly, “I do not know, dudes!” But, those highly-educated economists in Asian Development Bank (ADB) know it well. I got this from their website. It describes Asian [...]

Let’s ‘Invade’ Australia

→  April 21, 2009 0

Few months ago, Lion Air informed us that they’d take over (or join – can’t remember) one Brisbane-based airline, SkyWorld Air, to start serving Australian routes. Only yesterday, I found in one New Zealand-based website, that it is confirmed that Indonesian giant, PT Rajawali Corp would acquire Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast Hotel. Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast [...]

Julia Roberts’ New Movie In Bali

→  April 20, 2009 4

Variety reports that Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Richard Jenkins have signed to play in the filming of Elizabeth Gilbert’s international bestseller ”Eat, Pray, Love”. One third of the story takes place in Bali where the main character finds love, healing and the mentoring of an aging Balinese guru in Ubud. One of the first-ever Hollywood feature films [...]

Indonesian Technology Czar

→  April 20, 2009 0

This is what I got from answer. com when I googled ”Habibie”: An aeronautical engineer who became Indonesia’s minister of technical development and eventually its president, B.J. Habibie (born 1936) was a lifelong devotee of Indonesian dictator Suharto. When student riots and economic turmoil forced Suharto from office, he named Habibie as his successor. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie [...]

(A real) Unity, in (a real) Diversity: Indonesia

→  April 19, 2009 0

I bought a good book (2nd hand) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It’s a World Geography updated edition written by Thomas J Baerwald and Celeste Fraser. I bought this book because it describes certain nation in details mainly on its people, culture, and custom. Furnished with amazing pictures of villages all over the planet, it’s a [...]

Indonesia: in Comparison with Vietnam

→  April 19, 2009 2

I happened to read a great book about Vietnam War against United States. Trust me, I love history books more than any book, I have huge collection of World War II books, and I can spend all night to share and discuss about historical events, especially about historic wars. Now, let me share with you [...]

Indonesian Blackberry

→  April 17, 2009 3

I am not sure, when i was somewhere in Garuda waiting lounge in Jakarta, i saw many people were busy with their blackberry, not only bizmen, but also students, and teenagers. Believe me, i never ever found this kinda 'atmosphere' anywhere on earth. In America, only 'important' people use Blackberry, in Indonesia, even a 14-year-old boys carry around this advanced gadget.

A Letter From Maryland

→  April 17, 2009 0

Indonesia’s missing essential ingredient Tasa Nugraza Barley,  Maryland, US I believe every relationship requires at least three elements in order to succeed. Those three elements are love, trust, and communication. Imagine if one of these elements is missing from a relationship, say, between a husband and a wife. They may have love and trust but without enough communication [...]