Indonesia: in Comparison with Vietnam

Posted on April 19th, 2009 at 12:16 am by Akhyari


I happened to read a great book about Vietnam War against United States. Trust me, I love history books more than any book, I have huge collection of World War II books, and I can spend all night to share and discuss about historical events, especially about historic wars. Now, let me share with you a bit about Vietnam. Vietnam is one country whose economic growth is among the highest in the world since few years back. Vietnam now enjoys global confidence in its efficiency and steady economic condition. For a nation which was hardly smashed with wars (note the ’s’), this is really really an outstanding achievement. Do you know their secret?

Well, this might not be the only recipe behind their great performance abovementioned. This is a true story; there was a family with 7 children, and faced difficulty in sending their children to schools and university.  In times like that, you’d never find the head of the family complained or despondent. You’d simply get this answer :”We kicked out the French, Americans, Chinese, and the Khmer Rouge, so this is a tiny problem.”

“No, this is not a problem”, say Vietnamese

In March 1954, the Vietnamese guerrillas defeated France army in Dien Bhin Phu, and ended French colonial rule in the whole Indochina region. In January 1973, the Vietcongs humiliated US army/navy/air force, by defeating them in all fronts, and this was one of the bloodiest war on earth. In 1979, Vietnamese army repulsed Chinese army in a short border war. Also in 1979, the Vietnamese expelled the Khmer Rouge monsters from Phnom Penh and ended the suffering of the Cambodian under 3-year of the rule of  heartless Khmer Rouge.
Got the point?
So, what is the Good News?

The Aceh soldiers, true warriors

Not so many Indonesians know that Indonesia also has remarkable stories in terms of getting our invaders bloody-noses. The Acehnese repeatedly defeated the Dutch invaders in their bid to rule the west tip of Sumatra Island, since 1873. Many thousands of Dutch soldiers killed or captured. The Minangese in West Sumatra, the Jogjanese in Yogyakarta, as well as those in the Mollucas Islands,  Makassar, Bali, and Banjarmasin. Countless victories. Not many Malaysian, as well as Indonesians, know that in 1521, Adipati Unus a Javanese warrior from Demak (Central Java) sent troops to Malaka and dog-fought with Portuguese navy. Fatahillah from Batavia (now Jakarta), was finally the one who expelled the Portuguese for good.

The bloody battle in Surabaya, where the Surabayans defeated the Allied forces in 1945

Not only the Dutch and Portuguese, Indonesia also managed to send the Spaniards and the Allied forces home!

So, I only say, Indonesians have all the reason to be highly motivated as the Vietnamese. I am really proud of being Indonesian. Are you?

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