Indonesia, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario Galaxy

Posted on July 1st, 2009 at 2:17 am by Akhyari


By Yudha, a GNFI contributor

Eko Ramaditya

Eko Ramaditya Adhikara, a Nintendo sound engineer

We might be amazed by the fact that Ludwig van Beethoven was deaf. How can a musician, a composer, lack what we would imagine to be his most important sense?

The answer could be dedication, passion, love, strong willing, or we might ask to this person…

His name is Eko Ramaditya Adhikara, 28th years old. Recently he was trusted by one of the biggest game company Nintendo to be fully responsible as a music composer to its newest game named Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Mario goes to outer space

Actually it is not his first involvement in the game project. Before, he was a sound engineer freelancer in Nintendo; he helped the main composer, Koji Kondo, to make 2 – 3 songs in Super Mario Galaxy the first version. He was also involved in making background music for Final Fantasy VII by SQUARESOFT.

The Super Mario Galaxy 2 is still in the development stage and planned to be launched to the market in 2010 as a Nintendo Wii game.

In a daily life, he is a blogger and a columnist on the game section on By using his laptop ASUS EEE PC under Xandros Linux operating system he shows his passion to blog, write, or compose a game music. That laptop was also equipped by a screen-reader, an application program to make his job– as a blind person, easier.

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