Chevy, Anyone?

→  December 28, 2010 1

U.S. auto maker Chevrolet intends to relocate its marketing base for the Asia Pacific region from Thailand to Indonesia, a spokesman said. Pramana Razi, general manager of General Motors Indonesia, said here Sunday Chevrolet`s management wanted to move its marketing base to Indonesia as Cevrolet car sales in Indonesia had increased significantly over the past four [...]

Top 15 Natural, Adventurous and Exotic Destinations in Indonesia

→  December 27, 2010 2

Lonely Planet lists the top 15 natural, adventurous and exotic destinations in Indonesia as follows: 1. Kelimutu Lake-Multihued crater lakes set atop an ancient volcano 2. Sumba Island– Fascinating and isolated island with unique tribal traditions and a rich weaving heritage 3. Pulau Weh – Undisturbed beaches, visiting whale sharks and sublime diving 4. Danau Toba – Gracious Batak [...]

Komodo’s Position is Getting Stronger

→  December 27, 2010 1

The position of the  Komodo  (Varanus commodoensis), in the competition for inclusion in the world’s new seven wonders has gotten stronger, said a tourism official here Thursday. “The Komodo’s position is  now pretty strong and last week it was even in first place,” said Ulbadus Gogi, head of East Nusa Tenggara’s tourism and culture office on [...]

Best Resorts in Asia

→  December 26, 2010 2

According to smarttravelasia, Bali is placed second of the top 10 holiday destinations list. It is because Bali has a lot of places which can be visited by tourists. By the way, there are several resorts in Bali that have achieved awards from various best traveling sites in the world. None of these sites are [...]

Educating Children Through Television

→  December 25, 2010 1

When a group of 60 Indonesian children, aged 10 and 11, were surveyed about their favorite television shows, their top four answers were the popular Western animated series “SpongeBob,” “Tom and Jerry,” and Japanese cartoons “Doraemon” and “Naruto.” “These shows are entertaining for children, but they often contain a lot of violence. Take “Tom and Jerry” [...]

Indonesia is A Sweet Cake

→  December 24, 2010 1

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Never underestimate Indonesia. It is true that the internet connection in Indonesia is not as good as in Singapore, Malaysia or even Vietnam. But Indonesia is a “sweet cake,” attracting big players. Yahoo!, in cooperation with TNS (Kantar Media), Nielsen and Synovate, for the second time announced its Net Index Study in South East Asia. Net [...]

The Comfortable and Long Lasting Nikicio

→  December 23, 2010 2

This is a story about a young Indonesian designer who’s getting people attention because of her unique and fabulous designs of clothing. her collections now can be found not only in Indonesia, but also in Singapore and Netherlands. For the past three years,  Nina Karina Nikicio has worked hard to establish her label, Nikicio. Focusing on [...]

Indonesia’s ‘Jurassic’ Islands

→  December 23, 2010 0

They don’t breathe fire but Komodo dragons — the largest lizards in the world — can kill a buffalo or any one of the intrepid tourists who flock to their deserted island habitats. “I feel like I’m in the middle of Jurassic Park, very deep in the past,” said Hong Kong visitor Michael Lien during a [...]

A Traveler’s Note: Indonesia or Philippines?

→  December 22, 2010 0

This post was spurred by a conversation between Marc Hiller and myself (plus Alicia and his girlfriend Erica) over Sunday brunch. He and Erica lived in Jakarta for many years and have traveled Indonesia extensively. They are both fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. I’ve spent three weeks in both the Philippines and Indonesia this year. He posed [...]

Thank You, Indonesia

→  December 22, 2010 1

Burma’s newly released democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi expressed her appreciation for the support of the Indonesian government in Burma’s democracy process. Suu Kyi made the statement in a telephone conversation with Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa. She also extended her hopes that Indonesia will continue to support the development of democracy in her [...]