Tempe, World’s Vegetarian Food

→  September 17, 2010 12

There is good news for people who just eat vegetarian food. A scientist has developed a new vegetarian food named tempe, which could raise the iron level in an individual and also some amount of protein with it. This doctoral thesis conducted by Charlotte Eklund-Jonsson at the Department of Food Science, states that tempe is in [...]

A Bit Of Indonesia Overseas

→  September 17, 2010 3

It’s Friday, time for GNFI to share with you light postings We’d like to share with you some Indonesian names, overseas. Of course those names mean something to Indonesia, unlike Lake Tempe in the US (Tempe is Indonesian traditional food), nor Gila River in Colorado (Gila means insane/crazy). Rather, it’s something which has a [...]

Unearthing Indonesia’s Diversity

→  September 17, 2010 1

Incorporating 17,000 tropical islands, Indonesia is one of the world’s richest areas of biodiversity. Over half of this biodiversity remains unrecorded with only 20 of the more than 400 regencies in the country recording species. It is estimated that as many as 300,000 animal species are inhabit its many ecosystems. This equates to 17% of worldwide fauna [...]

Indonesia in Global Radar

→  September 16, 2010 2

Indonesia named one of top ten global investment targets Indonesia has been identified as one of the top markets for global investors, according to new research published by UK Trade & Investment. The ‘Great Expectations: Doing business in emerging markets’ report offers new insights from international investors about which markets they see as being the global [...]

Shining In NYC

→  September 16, 2010 0

Few Indonesian-born fashion designers have achieved what Farah Angsana has on the international stage. Farah has successfully established her self-named brand in Switzerland and in the fashion capitals of Paris, Milan and New York. Her buyers include luxury department stores like Neimann Marcus and soon, Bergdorf Goodman. Along with 90 of the world’s best established and [...]

Indonesian Universities Finally Reach the Big League

→  September 16, 2010 3

Two Indonesian universities have finally broken into the top 100 of the best universities in the world in certain subjects. The University of Indonesia is ranked 95th in the Social Sciences category of the 2010 QS World University Rankings, one of the leading lists of schools. Yogyakarta’s Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is the next best Indonesian school [...]

“Es Teler 77″ To Go International

→  September 9, 2010 5

According to Sandiaga Uno, UMKM organizations intend to bring micro businesses such as Ayam Bakar Mas  Mono and Es Teler 77 to major world cities like New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. “So, not only the existing CFC or KFC in Indonesia but Ayam Bakar Mas Mono and Es Teler 77 should be stoned to Hong [...]

“One Asian Country Whose Rise Will Change Our World Dramatically”

→  September 7, 2010 4

A relationship in need of a rethink In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to challenge the assertion this will be the Asian century. We seem to be content to predict that Asian societies will become more wealthy and powerful and leave it at that, not bothering to [...]

More Iron Birds Above Indonesia

→  September 7, 2010 4

Russia will deliver the last of six contracted SU fighter jets to Indonesia on September 7 and 16, an informed source said on Monday. Under a $300 million contract, signed in 2007, Russia is to complete the delivery of three SU-30MK2 and three SU-27SKM fighters to Jakarta by the end of 2010 in addition to two [...]

Indonesia, Mestinya Bisa Lebih Baik: Budayaku, Indonesiaku

→  September 7, 2010 7

GNFI telah sampai detik ini meng-echo dalam bahasa Inggris berita-berita baik dari penjuru negeri agar dunia bisa melihat Indonesia dari sisi yang lebih terang dan agar masyarakat Indonesia bisa merasa lebih optimis akan bangsa ini. Kali ini, GNFI ingin mengajak pembaca semua untuk melihat lagi kondisi bangsa Indonesia dan berbagi visi dalam seri tulisan analisa [...]