Indonesian Largest Companies

→  August 20, 2010 7

By Akhyari Hananto I have mentioned last nite in my twitter, that I would write about this. A friend of mine, an economic analyst from Canada, said to me several months ago that Indonesia will soon put at least 12 companies in Forbes’ World’s 1000 largest. In 2009, PT Telkom Indonesia ranked #657, Bank Central Asia [...]

Explosive Young Indonesians

→  August 20, 2010 2

Indonesian official estimates put the country’s population at 240 to 242 million, and most of them are young population 15-40 years old. Indonesia is one of those few countries which is secular and is the world’s third largest democracy after India and the United States. Indonesia has many languages and has more than 17,000 islands and [...]

The $ 672 billion roars !

→  August 19, 2010 2

Indonesian stocks are traded by Japanese investors every day, but one recent request from Tokyo was out of the ordinary. A big investor phoned up a local fund manager asking to buy $1bn in equities on the Jakarta stock exchange within just 20 days. Jakarta is not liquid enough to handle that kind of money. But [...]

A love Letter To Indonesia

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You had me at “Selamat datang”. We’ve been together for month now, and it’s time we had that talk. I don’t know where you see this going, but I could say “the hell with it” to the rest of my year-long trip and stay here with you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. You [...]

In The Ocean We Are Glorious

→  August 18, 2010 8

By Akhyari Hananto Many see that the last incident occurred on Berakit water off Bintan Islands where Royal Malaysian Navy intercepted Indonesian ship (from Ministry of Fisheries) was a current evidence that Indonesia needs to immediately procure more battle ships to safeguard its territory borders, especially where it shares borders with Malaysia and Singapore, where many illegal [...]

Indonesia, Today And Tomorrow

→  August 16, 2010 7

By Akhyari Hananto Every time the Independence day is approaching, I remember what my dad said to me when I was still a little kid. He said “This nation was built through many million lives, sea of blood and tears. Do whatever you can to preserve the freedom, and the spirit of your people to prosper”. [...]

5 Million Reasons To Visit Indonesia Pavillion

→  August 16, 2010 7

This is truly a heartwarming news that visitors flocking in Indonesia Pavilion had reached 4.8 million yesterday, and expected to top 5 million on 17 August, the day the nation celebrates its independence. The committee of the expo 2010 will only formally announce info on overall achievements like best pavilion, most visited pavilion, most this and [...]

Majapahit, Anyone?

→  August 13, 2010 7

By the time you reach Trowulan the streets are narrow, the traffic sparse and the air clean. But sprinkled about this charming rural district, on well-manicured grounds, are the ruins of temples that suggest the city that once thrived here; imagine the spaces between them filled and you get an idea how extensive this capital [...]

Beware Of 2012 !

→  August 13, 2010 9

Indonesia and South Korea are ready to begin a joint project on jet fighter production in 2012.  The project would be able to build a jet figther prototype in 2020. The planned cooperation for the project, dubbed the KF-X project, was initiated in 2006. The joint project is widely seen as a pilot project for Indonesian military in [...]

Crisis Is A Distant Memory For Indonesia

→  August 12, 2010 3

Indonesia’s economy expanded by 2.8 percent in the second quarter — beating the 2.6 percent forecast by economists, and a faster pace than the 1.9 percent gain in the first quarter — buoyed by surging household consumption and rising exports, the country’s Central Statistics Agency reported. Year-over-year, GDP climbed by 6.2 percent in the second quarter [...]