Hijacking Garuda Indonesia

→  August 6, 2010 4

I opened my newsfeed service, and when this title popped-up… I got so scared and shocked. But, haha… guys, meet Nicole! She led a group of Malaysian bloggers who were very lucky to explore Garuda Indonesia HQ and workshop in Jakarta. Nicole, thanks for letting me quote your writing. Guys, enjoy her entertaining writing. Hijacking a Plane: Garuda [...]

The Giant Tiger On The Rise

→  August 6, 2010 7

By Akhyari Hananto I am writing this article with shaky hands and accelerating heartbeat, taking deep long breathe to boost my confidence. I need that, because what I am going to deliver to you is something ‘BIG’ and something, where probability of it to become a reality is 50:50. Probability aside, I have right now the [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 13: Jeans and Accessories)

→  August 5, 2010 3

When we are talking about jeans, there’s nothing that can beat the Levi’s, the legendary jeans originated in San Francisco, US, first established in 1873. My American friend told me that there are 4 things that built America, Rock n Roll, Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, and Levi’s. Other famous brands are Wrangler, Lee, and Diesel. Not so [...]

Zero Intolerance

→  August 4, 2010 2

by Anthony Deutch In Indonesia, you don’t have to be rich to have pockets stuffed with banknotes. A mere coffee can cost over 20,000 rupiah. But Indonesia’s central bank is tired of the excess zeroes and the cumbersome transactions they create. On Tuesday, it announced it was dusting off an old plan to redenominate the rupiah and [...]

What? An Underwater Temple?

→  August 4, 2010 9

Indonesia, the vast archipelago country, undoubtedly possesses some of world’s greatest mysteries. Not so long ago, scientists discovered some new species never been exposed before, giant underwater volcano, prehistoric fish believed to have extincted million years ago, and… yeah, simply many more. The latest was the discovery of underwater temple off the paradise island of Bali. [...]

USD 1 = IDR 8. Why Not?

→  August 3, 2010 25

I wrote the article below on November 7, 2007, when nobody talked nor mentioned about this, let alone discussing it. Indonesian economy had gained its momentum since 7 years ago, where it grows convincingly when others’ fell. Indonesia, is now the world’s 16th largest economy, and member of prestigious G20, a group consisting of world’s 20 largest [...]

World’s Most Exotic Archipelago

→  August 3, 2010 4

Having more than 17,000 islands up its sleeve, Indonesia is the place where you can never run out of things to do while visiting this nature’s gift. From shopping to snorkeling, there is so much to do in Indonesia where a week-long vacation too might not do justice to this place. So while browsing through [...]

Jennifer Aniston And Her Holiday Plan

→  August 3, 2010 6

Actress Jennifer Aniston said she wants to take a break from work so she can travel the world. The 41-year-old, who was recently in London to launch her debut fragrance, said she would love to see more of the world but not just for her job. She said to Britain’s Stylist magazine: “I travel a lot [...]

The Tale Of The Two Rising Economic Powers

→  August 3, 2010 1

By M. Osman Ghani In a world of severe economic recession, where even highly developed economies are desperately searching some way out and to regain their past glory, few countries are doing their best not only to minimize contagion effect of economic melt down but achieve new milestones in their socio-economic sectors. Two of such countries [...]