Pledge For Green

→  July 2, 2010 6

The US has pledged $136 million to environment and climate change initiatives in Indonesia over the next three years reports Reuters. Earlier in the year, Norway pledged over seven times the US amount (one billion US dollars) to fight deforestation in the Southeast Asian country. In a press release the Obama Administration said that the funds [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 8: Software)

→  July 1, 2010 2

Established in 1996, Zahir Accounting is one of Indonesia’s global brands now. Zahir Accounting is an innovative small business accounting software made in Indonesia.  All financial reports are automatic, completed with interactive analysis and chart for business decision making. It has been marketed and used by countries as far as Germany and Netherlands. Now [...]

Mini? We’re Large!

→  July 1, 2010 4

Rusia’s domination in the list of top Opera Mini users has been officially ceased by Indonesia, who has been shadowing the country in the second position. “May was a historical month to mobile world. After more than two years, we’ve finally had a new biggest mobile internet-use country. Indonesia, who has been Rusia’s rival, is now [...]