The CIVETS: The ‘New’ BRIC Economies

→  July 16, 2010 5

First it was the “BRICs.” Now it’s the “CIVETS.” In fact, the CIVETS are the “new” BRICs: Expect some of the CIVETS economies (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa) to be among the world’s hottest markets in the decade to come. They have the potential to generate the same kind of windfall wealth as [...]

Indonesian Economist Rise and Shine

→  July 16, 2010 2

Dr. Iwan Jaya Azis, an Indonesian national with over 33 years experience as an economist and academic, has been named the new Head of Asian Development Bank ’s (ADB) Office of Regional Economic Integration (OREI). “Dr. Azis, who is currently Director of Graduate Study for Regional Science at Cornell University, has collaborated with ADB for [...]

Asia’s Hottest Tiger

→  July 15, 2010 2

When Indonesia’s export market collapsed in the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the country didn’t look like it would ever get back into the regional manufacturing race. But,  Indonesia is poised to surpass Vietnam this year as the world’s second largest shoe manufacturer. It’s a sign of the country’s growing attraction as a low-cost hub in Southeast [...]

Indonesian Stealth Iron-Birds

→  July 14, 2010 5

Indonesia and South Korea are getting ready to sign an MoU on the joint-development of a KFX stealth fighter jet program (dubbed Boramae) later this year, following a letter of intent in March 2009 on Indonesian participation in a KFX study. When enacted, the MOU will provide a breakthrough for both countries in terms of [...]

Massive Undersea Volcano Mapped Off Indonesia

→  July 13, 2010 2

Scientists on a deep-sea expedition off Indonesia have discovered a towering volcano: It rises 3,000 meters from the ocean floor, yet remains far from sight at the water’s surface. US and Indonesian researchers, using a powerful sonar system and a robotic vehicle with high-definition video, are exploring terrain off Sulawesi island in hopes of getting a [...]

The Largest Case Goods Plant In The World!

→  July 13, 2010 2

Furniture Brands International is building a case goods plant and distribution center here that will be its largest such facility in the world. The 1.4-million-square-foot operation on the island of Java is about five miles from an existing Furniture Brands plant in Semarang. That 330,000-square-foot facility was built as a Maitland-Smith plant and today primarily produces [...]

She Belongs To The World Now (Part II)

→  July 13, 2010 1

A former Indonesian finance minister who built her reputation fighting corruption now wants to do the same at the World Bank without choking off development. Sri Mulyani Indrawati, 47, said her experiences at home taught her how to reform an emerging market economy and when to seek outside help — skills that will serve her well [...]

Indonesia, The New Intellectual Leader

→  July 13, 2010 4

The dramatic departure of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatomaya have effectively unplugged their nascent plans of constructing a new regional architecture. ASEAN, therefore, is the direct beneficiary of their downfall. For nearly two years, the ASEAN leaders were dragged into debates unprepared and did several rounds [...]

Rupiah, Stronger And Stronger!

→  July 13, 2010 4

Indonesia’s rupiah traded near a one-week high after China reported record exports for June and South Korea’s central bank raised its 2010 economic growth forecast, bolstering confidence in Asian assets. The rupiah strengthened in each of the last four weeks as overseas investors pumped $494 million in to Indonesian shares, boosting this year’s net purchases to [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 11: Adventure Bag)

→  July 12, 2010 2

I was somewhere in the Philippines when I met some American tourists carried backpacks; its brand was familiar to me. Yep, it was EIGER. I am not sure whether they bought it during traveling in Indonesia, or bought it in the Philippines, or in the US. But, all I know is that EIGER has now [...]