Android Made In Indonesia

Posted on July 19th, 2010 at 10:45 am by Akhyari


Indosat claimed that Qwerty Android phone has just been introduced at Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) 2010 which is called Android Wiigo, made in Indonesia. Android Wiigo will be the first Android phone made in Indonesia where Indosat claimed their Research and Development (R&D) team involved during deployment of this Android Phone. Android Wiigo is using the operating system of Android 1.6 (Doughnut). However it can be upgraded to Éclair and Froyo Operating System.

Android Wiigo is developed by Simplimobile and Indosat. For your information, Simplimobile previously was a content provider. Indosat is totally involved during deployment including on research.

Android Wiigo will have two packages: Qwerty Android Phone cell and internet on Demand Service based on Blackberry. Qwerty Android Wiigo will have email service (POP3, IMAP), chatting service, social networking and more application services. Subscribers should register to get such application other wise they can only utilize Android Wiigo from Indosat for calling and messaging only.

The weakness of Android Wiigo is that it is working on 2.75G EDGE network only but in the future, it will run on 3G network as well. Currently, there is only one type of Android Wiigo called Wiigo T1, but in the future Indosat will launch two more Andorid Wiigo. More specification you will find on Andorid Wiigo is the mobile phone LCD sailed at 65 K 2.5-inch TFT, and provides 128 MB of RAM memory, 256 MB ROM, 2 megapixel camera and micro SD slot.

During introduction of Android Wiigo on Indonesia Celluar Show (ICS), Indosat plans to have 200 thousand Qwerty Android Wiigo with internet od Demand service till the end of 2010.


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