United Nations Security Council Seat For Indonesia

Posted on April 9th, 2010 at 10:36 am by Akhyari


Since the beginning we were told than UN Security Council consists of only 5 countries, US, Russia, China, UK, and France. And all these while, we have had tough times to convince ourselves that it is fair, however nothing much we can do. Things are likely to change now.


Indonesia has potential to become the next UN Security Council permanent member, although it will face challenges and competition, diplomats and officials said.

The reform in the UN Security Council UNSC), which will include a new membership, is widely debated, but many countries have already vied for support to sit as the next permanent member.

Indonesia Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said two months ago that Indonesia would “seek to play a role in the UNSC that is commensurate with its standing in the world”, once the UNSC reform has concluded.

Jakarta had much potential considering its credentials as the third largest democracy and home to the world’s largest Muslim population, as well as a rising economy. However, he said Jakarta would have to improve on some domestic fronts, including fighting corruption, before running for candidacy.

Jakarta has contributed to UN peacekeeping troops and is committed to send more. We have also been involved in peace negotiations, such as the one in the Philippines. This strengthens our position.

The challenge rested on how to win support of the five permanent members as well as other UN General Assembly members, considering they were widely-divided on who they would support.

Japan, India, Brazil and Germany, who have announced to run for the candidacy, could not court full support.

The US has been supporting Germany and Japan, while the other four have been at odds over who they would support.

To expand the membership of the UNSC, UN members have to amend its charter, which needs the support of two thirds of the UN General Assembly forum, plus the five permanent members of the UNSC. Jakarta said it would announce its possibility for candidacy once the reform process is concluded.

Indonesia has aimed to have all five permanent members sign the ASEAN Treaty to Amity and Cooperation (TAC), and has recently announced to include the US and Russia in the East Asian Summit (EAS). So far, only Britain has not signed the TAC. As the largest country in the Southeast Asia grouping, the move to bring all five members of the UNSC closer to ASEAN would help Jakarta court more support to sit as the next permanent member.

The accession of five UNSC permanent members to TAC and the expansion of EAS, would not have a direct advantage on Jakarta when it sought to become the next permanent member, but added it would heighten its potential.

Indonesia deserves to sit as a permanent member of the UNSC, considering the capacity we have. But the process may take time [and in the meantime] we will have to build close relations with all five permanent members.

Wu Jianmin, professor and advisory board member at China’s Foreign Ministry, said the Chinese government had been supporting a reform in the UNSC, although it had not ruled on its position who it might support for running.

“Security Council memberships should be reformed in favor of the developing world…Negotiations will rest not only among the five permanent members but also key players including Indonesia and India and also the UN process.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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