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By Yudha, a GNFI contributor

The names like BIN House, Tenun Baron, Iwan Tirta, Biyan Wanaatmadja, Ghea S Panggabean, Anne Avantie, Allure Batik, and Zainal Songket had the special place outside Indonesia. They developed their name by working on and developing what came from the culture that was known by them in the everyday life. Here are their profiles:

Iwan Tirta

At the opening session of the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference in November 1994 in Jakarta

Iwan Tirta is one of the Indonesia’s most celebrated batik artists and designers. His collections are well-known and so are his boutiques, extravagant fashion shows, and fabric designs. Iwan Tirta is often credited with introducing Indonesia batik to the rest of the world.

His sumptuous and contemporized yet traditional design have appeared in the pages of international magazine such as Voque, Harper’s Bazaar, Architecture’s Digest, New York Times, Asia Weeks, National Geographic and others.

His loyal admirers are ranging from every level of the society, including the aristocracy and royalty. He has staged exhibitions and fashion shows for Indonesia’s first ladies and for the Indonesian government, showcasing his collections for visiting heads of state and royal members such as Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Sophie of Spain, Queen Juliana of Netherland, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Prime Minister of New Zealand, PM Singapore, PM Canada, and PM Japan.

BIN House

BIN house Indonesian Creation was founded in 1986, by Josephine Komara (Obin), inspired and intrigued by the centuries-old cloth making techniques of batik, ikat weaving, tie & dye and stitch & dye that have made Indonesian fabrics famous.

BIN house has made its presence felt in a big way. Not just in Indonesia, but also in Singapore, Japan and the West, adding a touch of exotica to the exciting world of textiles, which is itself enjoying a global renewal of interest in recent years.

Mick Jagger and Julia Roberts are two of BIN House collectors.

Anne Avantie

Anne Avantie is one of the best Asian fashion designer, the one who brings traditional kebaya style to modern fashion design. For some designers, Anne Avantine is a miracle. Her design make traditional and ethnic clothing become luxurious fashions.

The kabaya of Anne Avantie totally hand made, one kabaya can takes months with 10-15 assistants when made

Many celebrities go to her to get their wedding gowns made. Siti Nurhaliza – the famous Malaysia’s singer and the latest Bunga Citra Lestari. Anne designed a special fuchsia and gold lace and songket Palembang for her wedding.

Biyan (Biyan Wanaatmadja)

Biyan made a collection that fully was in a West style, but the background of his Indonesian culture made his plan continue to have the sensitivity towards the requirement for the Asian woman so as to be able to be accepted in the exclusive boutique in Hong Kong and to be trying to enter Japan and Paris.

Tenun Baron

Baron developed wove with the Indonesian inspiration. Baron had the experience of bringing the Indonesian name in the agenda mode international wove. The bunch moshee that was the baron’s mainstay for the exhibition both of them in Joyce’s gallery Palais extravagant France. The baron was received by the consumer of the A class in Europe (Paris, London, Berlin, and Milan) and cities mode Asia (Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Jakarta).

Zainal Songket

Songket cloth was original Indonesian woven cloth that often was called “Ratunya Tenun” Cloth. The term that was adequate for this luxury in accordance with what was put forward. Cloth songket Palembang was indeed filled by clear colours sparkling gold or silver uniformly the complicated but beautiful motive. One of the most respected producer is Zainal Songket. Zainal songket’s product was globally known with the upper-class customer in part Laura Bush (wife of former US President George Bush) and the wife Malaysian PM. At this time the Bruneian royal member and the wives of the Singaporean official also were his customer.

Allure Batik

Allure had the meaning attracted, appealing, beautiful and enchanted. This word was chosen as high class label of the batik product. Batik allure was the batik creation which was born from successful results of the lovers of batik. This product was only made maximal four pieces for one clothes model from one cloth kind for a model. In 2008, Allure again opened the newest counter in Stamford House, Singapore, by using the ALLEIRA (its international brand).

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