The Biggest Port Will Be In Southeast Asia

Posted on June 9th, 2009 at 3:33 pm by Ian


I am sure you are very much aware that the biggest port in Southeast Asia is in Singapore. Singapore’s lifeline was drawn from its port. Singapore port is also the biggest in Asia, and the World’s busiest port, busiest container port, busiest transshipping port, busiest bunker port, busiest by cargo tonnage.

Seems like no one cares enough to beat that, right ? WRONG.

Indonesian port authority, with Irish company is poised to turn Nangroe Aceh Darussalam’s Sabang port into one of Asia’s largest and most competitive container ports. Sabang port was declared a free port by the government in December 2000. That means foreign freighters can unload there without paying customs and duty. Sabang is about 35 miles north of Banda Aceh, or 10 minutes by plane.

The consortium will upgrade the existing pier to as much as 2.5 kilometers in length, making it larger than Singapore’s port. It will also have 15 to 25 cranes to lift the containers. The planned port will be able to accommodate two large container ships. The port will aim to attract cargo and cruise ships from Europe and the Middle East on their way to such eastern Asia destinations as China, Japan, and South Korea.

Well, instead of traveling through the straits to Singapore, the big carriers could transit and unload their containers in Sabang. For large ships, cruising through the busy traffic to Singapore takes two days, and another two days on the way back. Why waste four days if the ships can unload in Sabang?

Using smaller vessels to transport the goods to pass through the Malacca Strait will be much more faster.

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