Indonesia’s Next Presidential Car?

Posted on May 29th, 2009 at 5:59 pm by Akhyari


It is very common to have a presidential car which is made inside the country. You may ask Nikolas Sarkozy, he has Citroen and Peugeot as his formal car, Angela Merkel undoubtedly with Mercedez-Benz, Lee Myung Bak with Hyundai, Obama with Cadillac, and many more samples.

Esemka DIGDAYA (Double-cabin SUV)

What about Indonesia?

Hmmm… I think it’s time for Indonesia to leave the Mercedez and Volvo, and start using the Indonesia’s very own hi-end car. It is not made by a large company, it is made by Indonesian high school students, namely 3 vocational schools called SMK (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan). Within only 78 days, those priding students ‘created’ a Lexus-like SUV called DIGDAYA (”Invulnerable” in English).

The price? Simply affordable, only $8,000. Compared to Lexus or Toyota Land Cruises which both are above $100,000, it’s really really cheap. (Until this very moment, I am still puzzled how can this state-of-the-art car was made by 15-17 years old students, considering that I was only playing around with my band at their age).

I think this car can be customized to be a presidential car, bullet-proof, comfier, and more powerful; and I am sure, it’s very likely, Yudhoyono is now considering to make one. I will post more locally-made cars in the coming postings. Whoever the Indonesian president will be, it’s a good time for him to start using made-in-Indonesia cars.

Pics taken from here.

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