Indonesian Dance In Japan

Posted on March 5th, 2010 at 10:51 am by Farina


Two dance creations of Indonesia’s leading choreographer, Ery Mefri, from Nan Jombang Dance Company, will be staged at the Tokyo Performing Arts Market in 2010 and the International Showcase at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, 1-4 March in Tokyo, Japan.

Before his departure to Tokyo, Ery Mefri said that a number of countries will be featuring dances by chosen choreographers in the Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2010 (TPAM 2010). “From Indonesia, Nan Jombang Dance Company has been given the honor to represent the country,” he said.

The wo dances that will be staged by choreographer Ery Mefri is “Rantau Berbisik (Warung Nasi Padang)” and “Syarikaik”. Rantau Berbisik is about Minang tradition of wanderers. If they do not wander abroad, then they are said to have broken the Minang law and will affect their living and lives of their wives and children. When this happens, it is considered something shameful.

As for the work of “Syarikaik”, Ery previously performed it in Singapore in December 2009, criticizing the present situation in Indonesia. Syarikaik or ‘union’ in Minangkabau is a community group. Syarikaik used to be a place of community problem solving in consultation and consensus, and to foster friendship.

Serious in his track of Contemporary Minang dance, Ery Mefri has pocketed numerous invitations to perform at World Dance Festivals in Mulhein Essen, Berlin, Australia, and London next year. In fact, he has also been given a chance to appear in the United States, following a special appearance Nan Jombang Dance Company Foundation initiated by Yayasan Kelola Jakarta at Taman Ismail Marzuki on February 14, 2010, in front of dozens of presenters and festival directors in 10 states in the United States.

Source: Kompas

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