Indonesian Student Outperforms Harvard And LSE Students

Posted on May 29th, 2009 at 4:58 pm by Akhyari


Shofwan Al-Banna Choiruzzad, an Indonesian student, has remarkably won a prestigious award at The 39th St Gallen Symposium held in Switzerland, early this May 2009.

The St. Gallen Symposium is a unique platform that offers 200 outstanding students from all over the world an opportunity to engage in a dialog with today’s decision-makers. The students qualify through the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, a global essay competition with 1000 submissions from 60 countries. In times of crisis and uncertainty, the St. Gallen Symposium offers young, new voices the possibility of expressing themselves and presenting their ideas and visions to personalities from trade and industry, academia, society and politics. This year, too, a wealth of enriching thoughts on the topic of “The Revival of Political and Economic Boundaries” were submitted.

Albanna outperformed the second and third winner from Harvard, and London School of Economics. This is the quotation of Albanna’s essay :

It is time to learn from the East. In the Western tradition, “rights” are the central theme (take “Human Rights”, “political rights”, “economic rights”, etc. for example). (…)In the East, it is a little bit different: “Harmony” is the central theme. To maintain harmony, responsibility comes first, and the rights will follow. Before asking people our rights, it is important to demonstrate responsibility for others (…).

Sometimes, business actors are creating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) based on international discourse or the advices from high-paid consultants, but forget to be sensitive toward the notion of “insider/outsider”.(…) Thus, the key is simple: Be sensitive toward boundaries, realise our position as outsider, hear the concern of the insiders, engage positively and create harmony. By doing so, the insecurity and fear created by the outside/inside difference will be minimised.

The geopolitical trend, accompanied with the global economic crisis, seems to revive boundaries. We can also see it in two ways: obstacle or chance. To make it a positive chance, one should be aware of the nature of boundaries: it emerges from fear and insecurity. Be wise and hear the ones inside the boundaries. A bridge will be there.

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