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WALI’s Songs in Europe

This is a kind of  old-yet-new story, but still worth to read. An excellent news came from a local band which jumped to fame with its single Cari Jodoh (Seeking a Soulmate), WALI. Two of WALI’s song “Cari jodoh” and “Baik Baik Sayang” have been translated to English and sang by Fabrizio Fanelli, an Eurovision Singing contestant.

Cari Jodoh, written by Apoy WALI, is translated to I No Can Do. Both the song and the video clip have been played in Germany, Switzerland, and Malta, the country where Fabrizio Fanelli originally came from. This also happens to the the other song, “Baik Baik Sayang” (English version: My Heart Is Asking You). The songs were arranged by the same composer who arranged Celine Dion’s song.

In an interview I saw on tv,  the band said that they never thought their songs could attract foreigner. “We came from a small city in Java. Being like this (a popular band in Indonesia) is such a dream to live on. We didn’t even dare to dream to have more than this. we are now very grateful to God because of that.”

Beside being more popular, WALI also becomes more successful because the royalty of the songs belongs to WALI. There is some changes in the lyric though, but both of the songs are still interesting to listen.

Here is I No Can Do lyric, you can compare it the the original song.

I No Can Do
Fabrizio Faniello

I walked on the street
When of all the friends i meet
Is the one, one who is with you

He says to coming now
Come to dinner come to town
In my girl, what am i to do?

No one knows, in my heart it’s you
No one knows, my heart belongs to you

I coming on my own
And i say my girl is home
But i know, know it doesn’t true

When i said it face to trace
And i want to live this face
Cause i have only eyes for you

I’m afraid i’ll betray it soon
I’m afraid that I’ll betray it soon

reff..I no can do, i no can do
I cannot open up my heart
Along that side to the night and send my tears to the

I tell the moon how i feel but never knew
I no, i no can do

I no can do, i no can do
But i am sure how i feel
You are the one that i love
The moon, the stars no doubt it’s real
but never you, cause i no more heart to steal
I no can do, i no can do

I’m going back inside
and pretend that i’m alright
But you knew, knew must spinning around

It’s hard for me to say
Saying everythings okay
Cause i see, you have someone now
And my love, never will be found
And my love, it never will be found

News Source: LihatBerita , Okezone , Albumlirik

Photo Source: Musicmp3collection , Ilkar

Popularity: 3% [?]

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