Broken Myth: Mount Everest

→  June 9, 2009 0

When my plane approached English Channel, I could clearly see the perfect snowflakes trough my seat window. I could not wait to have myself surrounded by snowy environment. But a friend who fetched me at the Heathrow airport said that the snow would only come in a month to come, so I had to wait [...]

Lion Air Takes Military Airports Under Wing

→  June 9, 2009 0

Lion Air, Indonesia’s largest carrier in terms of passenger volume, plans to take over managing the Armed Forces’ airports, now run by the state-owned enterprises PT Angkasa Pura I and II, a Lion Air spokesman said on Monday. The takeover was authorized under the wide-ranging aviation reform law passed last year, which gave clearance for private [...]

18-Year-Old UGM Graduate On Her Way To Becoming Country’s Youngest Doctor

→  May 29, 2009 0

Becoming a doctor has always been Riana Helmi’s dream, but she never imagined that in achieving this she would also be on her way to setting a record as the youngest doctor in the country’s history. On Tuesday, at just 18, Riana became the youngest medical graduate ever produced by any Indonesian school when she obtained [...]

Another Update On MERANTAU Movie

→  May 29, 2009 0

Indonesia’s PT MERANTAU FILM’s debut ”MERANTAU” will be officially represented Internationally (excluding Indonesia and US territory) by the renowned Golden Network Asia Ltd., after the two companies came to an agreement following their presence at the Hong Kong Filmart earlier this year. Golden Network Asia Ltd. has successfully represented Ong Bak, Tom Yum Goong, Fireball, and Wushu. MERANTAU was [...]

How Are You In Q1 2009?

→  May 16, 2009 1

I watched Channel Newsasia last nite and found a relieving news that Indonesia’s economy (still) grows 4.4% Jan-March 2009. This is the worst growth in the last 5 years. Well, this is quite shocking because : - Once economists predicted that Indonesia’s economy would dip below zero in the first quarter. - Indonesia neighbors’ economies shrink, below [...]

Do Not Mess Up In Indonesia!

→  May 10, 2009 0

Do you know how many high profile people were sent to jail in Indonesia? Do you know how many high rank government officials and policymakers have to stay day and nite in prison ? I am sure you don’t know, and you never counted. But let me give you one simple answer, this might help [...]

Marvelous Children

→  April 29, 2009 0

Marvelous Children It was a regional meeting in which participants were representatives from ASEAN and South Asian countries, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, and some more. My group had finished the FGD session, and someone suddenly whispered to me, ”Indonesia is probably the host to the most brightest students in Asia, since you champion [...]

Crisis-proof Nation

→  April 21, 2009 0

Not only only have I been asked by readers, as well as friends, on how Indonesia’s position is in this global economic turmoil. I answered to that question swiftly, “I do not know, dudes!” But, those highly-educated economists in Asian Development Bank (ADB) know it well. I got this from their website. It describes Asian [...]

Indonesian Technology Czar

→  April 20, 2009 0

This is what I got from answer. com when I googled ”Habibie”: An aeronautical engineer who became Indonesia’s minister of technical development and eventually its president, B.J. Habibie (born 1936) was a lifelong devotee of Indonesian dictator Suharto. When student riots and economic turmoil forced Suharto from office, he named Habibie as his successor. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie [...]

(A real) Unity, in (a real) Diversity: Indonesia

→  April 19, 2009 0

I bought a good book (2nd hand) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It’s a World Geography updated edition written by Thomas J Baerwald and Celeste Fraser. I bought this book because it describes certain nation in details mainly on its people, culture, and custom. Furnished with amazing pictures of villages all over the planet, it’s a [...]

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