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Posted on July 29th, 2010 at 1:13 pm by Akhyari


WPAP (Wheda Pop Art Potrait) are the new style of Pop Art found by Mister Wedha Abdul Rasyid, an Illustrator form Hai Music Magazine in Indonesia.
WPAP are specialized in potrait drawing by making only with the staight lines using the manual tracing or faceting.

Curt Cobain i WPAP


It was introduced by Wehda Abdul Rayid in 1990 when he was working on Lupus series for Hai magazine. He started to illustrate many figures using this cubisme style, no one would expect that this would become world’s new style of pop art. People then called this as WPAP (Wheda Pop Art Potrait), or Wedhaisme.
When you find this kinda style of portrait, please remember, it was created by Wheda Abdul Rasyid of Indonesia. Pictured below.


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