Chindonesia Escapes From Danger

→  April 27, 2009 0

I read The Jakarta Post this morning and I found a long long article regarding the only 3 countries in Asia which are virtually safe from being eaten by the global downturn. Well, in that article, the three countries are not very safe and sound, they’re also badly affected, but in minimal impact. I think you know [...]

Indonesian TV in Netherland

→  April 26, 2009 1

Indonesian TV in Netherland // To create a window for the Dutch to see Indonesia in their homes, Indonesia created Garuda TV that provides its subscribers with quality real-time news from Indonesia, Indonesian entertainment (movies, TV series, dances, traditional theaters, comedy, modern music, traditional music, and also the phenomenal Dangdut), unique TV shows and [...]

Indonesian Ally

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One of Indonesia’s Closest Allies Indonesian former foreign minister, the late Ali Alatas, the pioneer of peace in Cambodia Indonesia has long been Cambodia’s closest friend in the region since many years back, not to mention the Cambodian influence in Java many hundreds years back. Indonesia was one of the most active nations (besides France) in [...]

Nihiwatu, One of the World’s Most Responsible Hotels

→  April 26, 2009 1

We’ve seen two of Indonesia’s hotels on the  list of the World’s Best New Hotels. Sure you’ll feel great staying at one of them. Now, what about staying at Nihiwatu in Sumba island, rated as one of the Most Responsible Hotels by Forbes Traveler; it will surely make you feel doubly great. This is the short [...]

Jakarta’s Very Own Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

→  April 25, 2009 11

Jakarta is very serious in the development of transportation infrastructures to ease the congestion in the city streets. Since Transjakarta busway system is not really reducing the traffic jam, Jakarta is gearing up to kick off the development of Jakarta’s very own MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system, which will be integrated with existing transportation system, [...]

10% Economic Growth is (Always) Possible

→  April 23, 2009 0

I had a very interesting discussion with a friend from Canada regarding economic growth. We tried together to select some significant factors which can lead to huge GDP growth; I personally believe that economic high-growth is almost certain to reap substantial long-term benefit in terms of poverty reduction and wider human development. We discussed over Southeast [...]

Overtaking Business

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Mexico, Indonesia, and Turkey are in a favorable position to become the new generation of emerging economies to have significant impact on the global economy, claims Grant Thornton International. Following on from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR)  into the impact of the BRIC economies (Brazil Russia, India and China) [...]

World’s Best New Hotels 2009

→  April 22, 2009 1

Indonesia, has long been known to be the host for best hotel on planet earth. Once I watched a television program in the UK that mentioned Amankilla hotel in Bali was included in 10th world’s best hotel. Forbes Traveler has picked 50 new best hotels worldwide, with this stunning result: - France is home to four of [...]

Yes, We Are Confident!

→  April 22, 2009 1

When a country receives more international flights, it will only means 4 things : 1. It symbolizes the growth of economy in that country 2. It gains more international confidence toward that country 3. It means the tourism industry is growing 4. It also means that the countrymen travel overseas more. I’ve been posting many times regarding many international airlines [...]

Crisis-proof Nation

→  April 21, 2009 0

Not only only have I been asked by readers, as well as friends, on how Indonesia’s position is in this global economic turmoil. I answered to that question swiftly, “I do not know, dudes!” But, those highly-educated economists in Asian Development Bank (ADB) know it well. I got this from their website. It describes Asian [...]