Asian Tiger Revisited

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I’ve been asked many times by many readers, regarding Indonesia in future. Let’s put down a while the Vision 2030 launched by Indonesian president, let’s go down to the earth, and further deeper to the ground, and see the roots. Let’s deal with reality. Let me share with my opinion from political perspective. Indonesia is politically stable with [...]

Buy TIME Magazine May 2009 Edition!

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Dudes, time to save your money to buy this TIME magazine next month Edition 2009. Why? Time Magazine has ranked President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as one of the 100 most influential leaders in the world in 2009, presidential spokesman Dino Patti Djalal said Monday. Mr Yudhoyono was on the Time list along with former US [...]

SHIA Terminal 3 for Budget Airport Jakarta

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I got this from a friend, This picture was taken sometime ago; I am sure that it’s now much prepared. This is the first out of five phases (more info here). The interior will be up to the airliners to design, it is going to be a good place to visit as the management will [...]

Australia Travel Warning to Indonesia

→  April 13, 2009 0

Travel Warning: Book Early! Bucking the current worldwide downturn in travel, Australians continue to flock to Bali seeking value for money. Australian travelers to Bali during the first two months of 2009 totaled 48,068 a 34.64% increase over totals for the same period in 2008 (35,701).According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, overseas travel by Australians [...]

Regatta Hotel, Jakarta’s Most Unique Building

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Regatta Hotel, Jakarta. Taking on a nautical theme, the developers say the 10 smaller towers represent sailing boats whilst the larger building is the Lighthouse. It’s the Lighthouse that steals the show for us, possibly the most incredible looking structure we’ve seen for a long time. If it ends up looking anything close to this picture, [...]

Welcome To The New Good News From Indonesia Blog!

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We are now coming with this new face in hopes to satisfy our readers all around the world. We hope this new design is more comfortable and refreshing. While we’re still working on a lot of parts of this blog, please continue enjoying the good news from Indonesia. Also, please leave us your comment about this [...]