Educate Your Prisoners With Gamelan!

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I was born Javanese, I speak Javanese language (at all levels), I enjoy Javanese dance (I don’t dance though), and its gamelan-  a Javanese percussion which gives me a relaxing sound, sometimes. Gamelan can be found in many Indonesian ethnic groups like Balinese, Sundanese, Javanese, Sumatran, and some in Borneo. It’s truly an Indonesian heritage even [...]

Beach? Pink?

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The heat on the rocky outcrop of Komodo Island builds rapidly as the sun climbs higher, so it’s best to get here soon after sunrise. This is the home of Komodo Na­tional Park and the world famous pre-his­toric lizards which take their name from it. Although they are technically monitor liz­ards, their immense size they [...]

Booming Budget Hotels

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The Indonesian hotel industry is discovering the strong potential for revenues and profits to be earned form the country’s growing budget in hotel sector. There are points to the large number of relatively new players in the budget hotel sector, including: Amaris, Tune, Whiz, Pop Harris and Formule1. Investors are attracted to the budget hotel sector because [...]

Top 10 Volcanoes in Indonesia

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From the bid and bad to the gently steaming, Indonesia is one of Earth’s most volcanic nations and a central arc in the pacific ocean’s mythical ring of fire. There are top 10 Volcanoes in Indonesia. Mount Merapi For sheer ferocity, “fire mountain” tops our list. Perched beside Jogjakarta, thousands live on Merapi’s lush slopes yet it’s [...]

US Journalist Promotes Indonesia’s Biodiversity

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Rhett Butler, a journalist who founded the popular environmental news site, traveled through Indonesia to promote community participation in biodiversity conservation as part of the US-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership. According to the US Embassy on February, the partnership is critical to the bilateral relationship and addresses key global challenges such as climate change. During the Speakers Program, [...]

Hongkong Vs Surabaya

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What is so special about Surabaya to us GNFI? It’s the city of heroes, for sure, and it’s where i am now. Now I post most of GNFI articles from this city, updating status on GNFI twitter (@GNFI) from here. After Jogja, Phnom Penh, now Surabaya. But hey…i just knew that Surabaya is World’s cheapest city [...]

20 billion reasons to invest in Indonesia

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Seems like it’s an exaggerative title, but it’s not. Ask Mitsubitshi! It is widely known that Mitsubitshi has been playing a big role in the development of Indonesia economy, their trucks, pick-up vehicles have been on the road since the late 70’s. I am sure, my Indonesian countrymen are very much familiar with these vehicles below. I [...]

Yahoo! Style Factor in Indonesia

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Inspired by Yahoo’s Shine in the U.S, P&G and Yahoo Indonesia launch, Style Factor, a celebrity style guide dedicated to Indonesian women. The site, which is written in Indonesian, contains content on the latest Indonesian and international celebrity news and information on fashion, skincare, haircare and makeup. The site helps build thought leadership for Yahoo and especially P&G. [...]

Gold Production Increases

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TEMPO Interactive, MATARAM:The gold production of Batu Hijau mine belonging to PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara rose by 32 percent last year compared to 2009. The total gold production was 364,000 ounces with a sale price of US$ 243 and US$ 237 per ounce. Meanwhile, copper production was 269 million pounds with a sale price of US$ 0,81 [...]

Supporting Domestic Weapons Industry

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The government reaffirmed on Monday its commitment to support the domestic weapons industry by setting up programs for the Defense Industry Policy Committee (KKIP) to be implemented this year. This years programs include evaluating the performance of defense state-owned enterprises, Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro told a press conference after a KKIP plenary meeting at the Defense [...]