A Film About Indonesia in Sundance Film Festival

→  February 9, 2011 1

Dutch director Leonard Retel Helmrich pursues his exploration of Indonesia’s social and economic revolution, in the last part of a trilogy about a Jakarta family shown at the Sundance Film Festival. “Position Among the Stars,” released a decade after the first installment, is in competition at the prestigious independent movie festival, which opened on Thursday in [...]

Economy Grew Fastest

→  February 8, 2011 0

Indonesia’s economy grew at the fastest annual pace in six years last quarter, adding to the case for the central bank to raise interest rates further as inflation accelerates. Gross domestic product increased 6.9 percent in the three months through December from a year earlier, the Central Bureau of Statistics said in Jakarta today. That was higher than [...]

Damn…We beat the forecast!

→  February 8, 2011 0

Financial markets and industry players welcomed the news of better-than-expected economic growth, but they were split on whether 2011 would beat last year’s achievement. Gross domestic product rose 6.9 percent in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) announced on Monday, well above even the most optimistic forecasts. GDP [...]

The Largest Exporter of Bird’s Nest

→  February 7, 2011 3

The tiny port of Kumai on the southern tip of Indonesian Borneo is a burgeoning trade centre in one of the world’s most valuable animal products – the nests used for bird’s nest soup”. Drab concrete buildings have sprouted up all across Kumai, towering above the traditional low-rise shop-houses. The buildings have no windows – instead they [...]

Indonesia and The Region’s Rate Rises

→  February 6, 2011 1

There are twelve top business stories in Bloomberg yesterday, and one of them is about Asia, whose Currencies Gain on Region’s Economic Growth, Prospects for Rate Rises. Indonesia also gained some currencies, made Rupiah more stronger than before. Asian currencies had their biggest weekly gain of the year, led by the Philippine peso and Thailand´s baht, [...]

Jakarta’s Best Weekend Getaways

→  February 5, 2011 5

A couple days ago when i was reading TIME,  i found an article about Pulau Macan near Jakarta, which TIME compliment it as “Best Weekend Getaways”. frankly speaking, it was the first time i ever heard about Pulau Macan, and somehow that made me feel ashamed about myself. how could a foreigner know better about [...]

A Perfect Place To Be Settled

→  February 4, 2011 1

UBUD, INDONESIA — After spending weeks searching the hills of Bali for a home to buy, John Duffield and Rachel Plecas settled on a house that was something of a snake pit. But even though they found a python slithering through the run-down house during their initial inspection, they fell in love with the overgrown elements [...]

Indonesian Chefs in Bocuse d’Or Competition

→  February 3, 2011 0

The Park Lane Jakarta restaurant’s demi chef de partie Guruh Nugraha, and commis Risky Hidayah made up the first ever Indonesian team to take part in the prestigious international Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon on January. how did they do that? The biennial cooking competition hosted 24 teams of professional chefs from Europe, Asia and America. [...]

Indonesia + India = Pacific Royale

→  February 2, 2011 1

Indonesia and Indian businessmen plan to establish a new airline company to be called PT Pacific Royale, confirmed air transportation director-general Herry Bhakti. The plan was triggered by an air service agreement between the two countries that has been renewed. The agreement regulates flight availability for national airlines wanting to fly to India. Herry also said that [...]

5 reasons to visit Solo city

→  February 1, 2011 0

Solo is a city in Central Java, Indonesia. It is well known for its cultural heritage and its participation in Indonesia’s history. As a vacation place, Solo is a really good place to go to. Here’s why you need to go to Solo. 1. You’re A Food Traveler If you are a food traveler, food blogger, culinary adventurer, [...]